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GenStat logo.gif
Original author(s) John Nelder
Developer(s) VSN International (VSNi)
Stable release
18.1 / December 2015; 9 months ago (2015-12)[1]
Operating system Windows
Size 230MB
Available in English
Type Statistical package
Licence proprietary

Genstat is a general statistical package. Early versions were developed for large mainframe computers. Up until version 5 (released 1987), there was a Unix binary available, and this continues to be used by many universities and research institutions. Later versions are available for the Windows environment only.

Genstat was originally developed at the then Rothamsted Experimental Station (now Rothamsted Research) by a team led by John Nelder, and is programmed in Fortran.

Genstat Discovery Edition is a free version of the statistical software Genstat. Genstat Discovery Edition 3 is available to non-commercial users throughout Africa and a range of developing countries outside Africa. Examples of users who qualify are students and lecturers of universities and staff of government research organisations or NGOs. When you register for a license you will be asked for information about the status of the organisation which will be using the software to determine whether it qualifies for the free version.

It is developed by VSN International (VSNi) which is owned by The Numerical Algorithms Group and Rothamsted Research.


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