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Genstat interface.gif
Original author(s) John Nelder
Developer(s) VSN International (VSNi)
Stable release
19.1 / December 2017; 9 months ago (2017-12)[1]
Operating system Windows
Available in English
Type Statistical package
Licence proprietary

Genstat (General Statistics) is a statistical software package with data analysis capabilities, particularly in the field of agriculture.[2][3]

Since 1968, it has been developed by many scientific experts in Rothamsted Research, and has a user-friendly interface,[4] professional modular design, excellent linear mixed models [5] and graphic functions. Leading Genstat’s continued development and distribution is VSN International (VSNi),[6] which is owned by The Numerical Algorithms Group and Rothamsted Research.

Genstat is used in a number of research areas, including plant science, forestry, animal science, and medicine,[7] and is recognized by several world-class universities and enterprises.


Genstat’s statistical software can be applied to the following user areas:

Software product[edit]

Genstat includes statistical methods such as statistical tests, ANOVA, regression analysis, REML, etc.

Statistical features[edit]

See also[edit]

  • ASreml - is a statistical package which fits linear mixed models to large data sets with complex variance models using Residual Maximum Likelihood (REML).
  • BMS – Breeding Management Systems


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Further reading[edit]

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