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Gena Showalter
Born 1975 (age 40–41)
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American
Period 2004 – present
Genre Romance, Young Adult

Gena Showalter (born 1975 in Oklahoma) is an American author in the genres of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and young adult.

Showalter sold her first book at the age of 27, and has published over 25 books. She has been named by The New York Times and USA Today as a bestselling author. Showalter has successfully published in the adult and young adult market.[1]



Paranormal Romance[edit]


  1. The Stone Prince, September 2004 ISBN 0-373-77007-3
  2. The Pleasure Slave, February 2005 ISBN 0-373-77032-4

Alien Huntress[edit]

Meet the woman of Alien Investigations and Removal (AIR) Team and the men who hunger for them.

  1. Awaken Me Darkly, May 2005 ISBN 0-7434-9749-X (Mia Snow & Kyrin en Arr)
  2. Enslave Me Sweetly, June 2006 ISBN 0-7434-9750-3 (Eden Black & Lucius Adaire)
  3. Savor Me Slowly, December 2007 ISBN 1-4165-3163-7 (Mishka Le'Ace & Jaxon Tremain)
  4. "Tempt Me Eternally" in Deep Kiss of Winter, February 2009 ISBN 1-4391-5966-1 (Aleaha Love & Breean)
  5. Seduce the Darkness, June 2009 ISBN 1-4165-3164-5 (Bride McKells & Devyn)
  6. Ecstasy in Darkness, Oct 2010 ISBN 1-4391-7577-2 (Ava Sans & McKell)
  7. Dark Taste of Rapture, August 2011 ISBN 1-4391-7578-0 (Noelle Tremain & Hector Dean)


Enter a world of dark seduction and powerful magic . . . Atlantis.

  1. Heart of the Dragon, September 2005 ISBN 0-373-77057-X
  2. Jewel of Atlantis, February 2006 ISBN 0-373-77096-0
  3. The Nymph King, February 2007 ISBN 0-373-77188-6
  4. The Vampire's Bride, March 2009 ISBN 0-373-77359-5
  5. The Amazon's Curse, March 2009 ebook; also in the Into the Dark, May 2010 ISBN 0-373-77451-6

Lords of the Underworld[edit]

The Lords of the Underworld series pertains to the men that are cursed to carry demons that escaped from Pandora's Box.

  1. The Darkest Fire (prequel novella to Lords of the Underworld), April 2008 ebook, also published in Into the Dark ISBN 0-373-77451-6 Geyron (Guardian of Hell)
  2. The Darkest Night, May 2008—Maddox (Keeper of Violence)
  3. The Darkest Kiss, June 2008—Lucien (Keeper of Death)
  4. The Darkest Pleasure, July 2008—Reyes (Keeper of Pain)
  5. The Darkest Prison, July 2009 novella ebook—Atlas (Titan God of Strength) also published in Into the Dark
  6. The Darkest Whisper, September 2009—Sabin (Keeper of Doubt)
  7. The Darkest Angel novella in Heart of the Darkness and in the anthology Dark Beginnings, January 2010—angel Lysander
  8. The Darkest Facts: A Lords of the Underworld Companion, May 1, 2010-in the anthology Into the Dark
  9. The Darkest Passion, June 2010—Aeron (Keeper of Wrath)
  10. The Darkest Lie, July 2010—Gideon (Keeper of Lies)
  11. The Darkest Secret, April 2011—Amun (Keeper of Secrets)
  12. The Darkest Surrender, September 2011—Strider (Keeper of Defeat)
  13. The Darkest Seduction, February 2012—Paris (Keeper of Promiscuity)
  14. The Darkest Craving, July 2013-Kane (Keeper of Disaster)
  15. The Darkest Touch, November 2014-Torin (Keeper of Disease)
  16. The Darkest Torment, May 31, 2016-Baden (Keeper of Distrust)

Tales of an Extraordinary Girl[edit]

  1. Playing With Fire, September 2006 ISBN 0-373-77129-0
  2. Twice as Hot, February 2010 ISBN 0-373-77437-0

Royal House of Shadows[edit]

  1. Lord of the Vampires
  2. Lord of Rage (written by Jill Monroe)
  3. Lord of the Wolfyn (written by Jessica Anderson)
  4. Lord of the Abyss (written by Nalini Singh)

Angels of the Dark series[edit]

The Angels of the Dark series takes place in the same universe as Lords of the Underworld series and concerns the armies of Heaven.

  1. Wicked Nights, June 2012 ISBN 0-373-77698-5 (Zacharel)
  2. Beauty Awakened, February 2013 ISBN 0-373-77743-4 (Koldo)
  3. Burning Dawn, May 2014 (Thane)

Otherworld Assassins series[edit]

The Otherworld Assassins series takes place in the same universe as the Alien Huntress series. It deals with a different Black Ops group.

  1. Last Kiss Goodnight, December 2012, Cover art by Nathália Suellen ISBN 1-4516-7159-8 (Solomon Judah & Vika Lukas)
  2. Black and Blue, October 2013 ISBN 978-1-4516-7160-5 (Corbin Blue & Evangeline Black)

Contemporary Romance[edit]

Original Heartbreakers[edit]

  1. "The One You Want" inside the The All For You Anthology, December 2014
  2. The Closer You Come, March 2015
  3. The Hotter You Burn, July 2015
  4. The Harder You Fall, November 2015
  5. Can't Hardly Breathe, 2017 [Tentative Title]

Single Titles[edit]

Young Adult[edit]

Stand Alone[edit]

Teen Alien Huntress[edit]

  1. Red Handed, June 2007 ISBN 1-4165-3224-2
  2. Blacklisted, July 2007 ISBN 1-4165-3225-0

Intertwined series[edit]

  1. Intertwined, September 2009 ISBN 0-373-21012-4
  2. Unraveled, August 2010 ISBN 0-373-21022-1
  3. Twisted, August 2011 ISBN 0-373-21038-8

White Rabbit Chronicles[edit]

  1. Alice in Zombieland, September 2012 ISBN 0-373-21058-2
  2. Through the Zombie Glass, October 2013
  3. The Queen of Zombie Hearts, September 2014
  4. A Mad Zombie Party, September 2015

Everlife series[edit]

  1. Firstlife, February 23, 2016
  2. Lifeblood, 2017
  3. Everlife, 2018?


  • "The Witches of Mysteria and the Dead Who Love Them" in Mysteria, July 2006 ISBN 0-425-21106-1
  • "A Tawdry Affair" in Mysteria Lane, December 2008 ISBN 0-425-22294-2
  • "Tempt me Eternally" in Deep Kiss of Winter, October 13, 2009 ISBN 1-4391-5966-1
  • "The Darkest Angel" in Heart of Darkness, January 2010 ISBN 0-373-77431-1
  • "The Darkest Fire", "The Darkest Prison", and "The Darkest Angel" in Darkest Beginnings, April 16, 2010 ISBN 0-7783-0371-3
  • "The Darkest Fire", "The Amazon's Curse", and "The Darkest Prison" in Into the Dark, April 27, 2010 ISBN 0-373-77451-6
  • "Temptation in Shadows" in The Bodyguard, June 29, 2010 ISBN 0-312-94323-7
  • "Ever Night" in On the Hunt, February 1, 2011 ISBN 0-451-23243-7
  • "The Darkest Angel" in the After Dark anthology with debut author, Kait Ballenger's novel Shadow Hunter ISBN 0-373-77825-2
  • "Haunted" in the After Moonrise 2013, anthology with P.C. Cast ISBN 0-373-77822-8


Reviews and press[edit]

  • USA Today published list for Paperback Fiction, of February 8, 2007 named Gena Showalter a USA Today Best Selling Author.[2]
  • The New York Times published list for Paperback Fiction, of February 18, 2007 named Gena Showalter a NY Times Best Selling Author.[3]


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