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Genc Ruli (born April 11, 1958) is an Albanian politician. A member of the Democratic Party of Albania, ex - Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Consumer Protection in the cabinet of Sali Berisha.

Genc Ruli holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and a bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Tirana. He holds a PhD in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana. Dr. Ruli is given the title Professor from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana.

He has served as a Professor of Finance and Accounting in the Faculty of Economics, at the University of Tirana. Dr. Ruli has an extensive experience as the Minister of Finance and Economy in early 90’s and as the Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy during 2005-2009. Ruli resigned from his position as Finance Minister on 9 November 1993, following allegations of corruption.[1] Ruli has also been one of the Members of the National Assembly during the early 90’s and again since 2005. He was also the founder and President of the Institute of Contemporary Studies during the years 1996 to 2005.

Dr. Ruli has been engaged in many national and international activities, with well-known organizations and institutions. He has been the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Insurance Institute (INSIG); Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of Economy and Finance. He is President of the Mountain Areas Development Programme (MADA); EBRD Governor for Albania.

Dr. Ruli has written several publications in the areas of economics and public policies.


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