Gender Blender

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Gender Blender
Author Blake Nelson
Country United States
Language English
Genre Young adult fiction
Publisher Random House
Publication date
March 2006
ISBN 0-385-74696-2
Preceded by Prom Anonymous
Followed by Paranoid Park

Gender Blender (ISBN 0-385-74696-2, 2006) is a young adult novel written by Blake Nelson. The book explores the differences between males and females and dramatizes it in a way that children will understand.

Plot summary[edit]

One day, Tom, one of the main characters, is playing an early morning baseball game with his friends. However, he doesn't know that one of his classmates—Jane Hennessey—is going to play. He desperately tries to strike her out by hitting the ball. It lands towards the Grrlzillas and it rolls under Margaret's skirt. He gets tangled in the skirt and tries to convince the Grrlzillas that he just didn't want to be beat by a girl (which was true). The girls dismiss him as pathetic and go back to school calling him a "skirt perv". The chemistry between him and Emma is now really not good.

Later on in the novel, Emma and Tom both try to jump onto the same school trampoline, but they have a serious collision and unknowingly switch bodies and souls. Emma is now Tom, and Tom Emma. The next morning, Emma wakes up with an erection. Tom discovers he's having Emma's menstruating period, and he has to wear Emma's bras. Eventually in the end, they have another collision and become themselves again.[1]


This book was published by Random House on 28 March 2006.

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