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Industry Bioinformatics
Founded 1997
Headquarters Basel, Switzerland
Key people
Othmar Pfannes CEO
Products See detailed listing
Number of employees

Genedata is a bioinformatics solution provider headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. It provides software and consulting solutions that support large-scale, experimental processes and automate complex data workflows within pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agricultural industries, as well as academia worldwide.


  • Genedata Analyst - For the integration and interpretation of experimental data in life science R&D.
  • Genedata Biologics - For antibody screening, protein engineering, and biologics production.
  • Genedata Bioprocess - Supports the bioprocess workflow from early cell line screening to downstream process and analytical development.
  • Genedata Expressionist - For the analysis, management and reporting of metabolomics, proteomics,[1][2] and biotherapeutics characterization studies based on mass spectrometry.
  • Genedata Imagence - For large-scale imaging workflow challenges.
  • Genedata Phylosopher - For target-centric research information management.
  • Genedata Profiler - For efficient, regulatory-compliant genomic profiling of patients.
  • Genedata Screener - For analysis and management of plate-based and more complex High-throughput[3][4] data.
  • Genedata Selector - For management and analysis of genome-related knowledge for strain, cell line, and germplasm optimization.

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