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Industry Bioinformatics
Founded 1997
Headquarters Basel, Switzerland
Key people
Othmar Pfannes CEO
Products See detailed listing
Number of employees

Genedata is a bioinformatics solution provider based in Basel, Switzerland. It provides products to the Pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology, Agriculture and Academia worldwide. Genedata has received considerable positive attention in several independent industry publications such as GenomeWeb,[1] BioInform, and Bio-IT World.[2]

As Member of the InnoMed PredTox research consortium Genedata is collaborating with major European pharma companies on the application of toxicogenomics in pharmaceutical development processes.[3]


,[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21] proteomics,[22][23] metabolomics, as well as projects spanning across different technology domains ("cross-omics") like in toxicogenomics[24]

  • Genedata Analyst - Software solution for the integration and interpretation of experimental data in the life science R&D
  • Genedata Selector - Data analysis and management system that supports strain optimization for industrial microorganisms
  • Genedata Biologics - Data analysis and management platform that supports Biologics R&D operations

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