Genenet al asmak

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Genenet Al Asmak
جنينة الاسماك(The Aquarium)
Directed by Yousry Nasrallah
Produced by Ihab Ayoub
Written by Nasser Abdel- Rahmane
Yousry Nasrallah
Starring Hend Sabri
Amr Waked
Gamil Ratib
Music by Tamer Karawan
Release date
  • 26 March 2008 (2008-03-26)[1]
Running time
90 minutes
Country Egypt
Language Arabic


Filmed in Egypt, Genenet Al Asmak جنينة الاسماك captures not only Cairo’s Grotto Gardens but also her wounded society- a city of repression. Filmed in long continuous takes, the film conveys a sense of the real Egypt, through the depiction of the lives of Laila and Youssef.


Laila, portrayed by Hend Sabri, is a rather unhappy and lonely radio talk show host who listens to other people’s fantasies on her late night segment. Youssef, played by Amr Waked, is an anesthetist by day and an illegal abortion surgeon by night.[2] The story begins with each character’s separate tale being told in parallel and the difficulties they face with society. The protagonists have one thing in common, loneliness. Perhaps a way to satisfy this, they both feed off the grief of others- Laila through her talk show and Youssef at his legal place of work. Genenet Al Asmak can be compared to a 48-hour walk in Laila and Amr's lives. From the issues faced in the household by Amr and his terminal father played by Gamil Ratib to Laila's occasional party-girl evenings with her friends, "a walk in their shoes" effect is established. The film ends with the two protagonists physically meeting in Egypt’s Grotto Gardens and realizing the loneliness they feel in each other.[3]

Genenet Al Asmak tells the story of how everyday citizens function in the Egyptian society and find ways of release in a number of ways. Shot around Egypt, the film explores the country's political and moral situation with the help of Laila and Youssef.



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