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General (YPA) or General (J.N.A.) (Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian: "General (Jugoslovenska Narodna Armija)", Serbian Cyrillic: "Генерал (Југословенскa Народнa Армијa)") was the highest military rank of Yugoslav People's Army. (The highest rank in theory, Marshal of Yugoslavia, was created for Josip Broz Tito and held by him alone). Equivalent for this rank is the North Korean military rank Vice Marshal. The only person to ever considered for promotion in rank of "General" (General (YPA)) was Ivan Gošnjak as deputy supreme commander. This rank was created in 1955 for deputy supreme commander of armored forces SFRY and it was abolished in 1974. After that the highest military rank of Yugoslav People's Army was General of the Army for Yugoslav Army and Yugoslav Air Force, and Admiral of the Fleet for Yugoslav Navy.


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