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General Accident plc
FateMerged with Commercial Union
SuccessorCGU plc
HeadquartersPerth, Scotland

General Accident plc was a large insurance business based in Perth, Scotland. It merged with Commercial Union in 1998 to form CGU plc.


Former Head Office at No. 2 High Street, Perth, built in 1899

The General Accident and Employers' Liability Assurance Association Ltd. was founded in Perth, Scotland in 1885.[1][2]

The company became the General Accident Assurance Corporation Ltd. in 1891.[2] It moved to a purpose-built head office at No. 2 High Street in Perth in 1899;[2] the building was extended in 1958.[3]

General Accident acquired Yorkshire Insurance Company Ltd. in 1967. All general insurance business was relocated to Perth, while the offices in York became the centre for the new firm's life assurance and pensions business.[4]

It moved to a new head office at Necessity Brae in Pitheavlis in 1984.[5]

General Accident acquired Stevenage-based Provident Mutual Life Assurance Association in 1995, merging it with the GA Life and Pensions business as Provident Mutual Life Assurance Ltd. York became the centre of all life assurance business and Stevenage of all pensions business.[4]

The company merged with Commercial Union to form CGU plc in 1998.[6]

Aviva, which was formed when CGU merged with Norwich Union in 2000, reintroduced the General Accident brand, for customers who use car insurance price comparison sites, in April 2013.[7]


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