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XXXVIII Regular Meeting – Medellín, 2008.

The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the Organization of American States (OAS).

The General Assembly came into being as a part of the restructuring of the OAS that took place following adoption of the Protocol of Buenos Aires (signed 27 February 1967; in force as of 12 March 1970), which contained extensive amendments to the Organization's Charter. Prior to these changes, the OAS's top body was the Inter-American Conference, which in turn was the successor to the International Conference of American States.

The Charter requires that the General Assembly convene once every year in a regular session. In special circumstances, and with the approval of two-thirds of the member states, the Permanent Council can convene special sessions.

The Organization's member states take turns hosting the General Assembly on a rotating basis. The states are represented at its sessions by their chosen delegates: generally, their ministers of foreign affairs, or their appointed deputies. Each state has one vote, and most matters – except for those for which the Charter or the General Assembly's own rules of procedure specifically require a two-thirds majority – are settled by a simple majority vote.

The General Assembly's powers include setting the OAS's general course and policies by means of resolutions and declarations; approving its budget and determining the contributions payable by the member states; approving the reports and previous year's actions of the OAS's specialized agencies; and electing members to serve on those agencies.

Regular Meeting Location Date
1st San José, Costa Rica 14–23 April 1971
2nd Washington, D.C., USA 11–21 April 1972
3rd Washington, D.C., USA 4–15 April 1973
4th Atlanta, Georgia, USA 19 April – 1 May 1974
5th Washington, D.C., USA 8–19 May 1975
6th Santiago, Chile 4–18 June 1976
7th St. George's, Grenada 14–22 June 1977
8th Washington, D.C., USA 21 June – 1 July 1978
9th La Paz, Bolivia 22–31 October 1979
10th Washington, D.C., USA 19–26 November 1980
11th Castries, Saint Lucia 2–11 December 1981
12th Washington, D.C., USA 15–21 December 1982
13th Washington, D.C., USA 14–18 November 1983
14th Brasília, Brazil 12–17 November 1984
15th Cartagena, Colombia 5–9 December 1985
16th Guatemala City, Guatemala 11–15 November 1986
17th Washington, D.C., USA 9–14 November 1987
18th San Salvador, El Salvador 14–19 November 1988
19th Washington, D.C., USA 13–18 November 1989
20th Asunción, Paraguay 4–8 June 1990
21st Santiago, Chile 3–8 June 1991
22nd Nassau, Bahamas 18–23 May 1992
23rd Managua, Nicaragua 7–11 June 1993
24th Belém do Pará, Brazil 6–10 June 1994
25th Montrouis, Haiti 5–9 June 1995
26th Panama City, Panama 3–7 June 1996
27th Lima, Peru 1–5 June 1997
28th Caracas, Venezuela 1–3 June 1998
29th Guatemala City, Guatemala 6–8 June 1999
30th Windsor, Ontario, Canada 4–6 June 2000
31st San José, Costa Rica 3–5 June 2001
32nd Bridgetown, Barbados 2–4 June 2002
33rd Santiago, Chile 8–10 June 2003
34th Quito, Ecuador 6–8 June 2004
35th Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 5–7 June 2005
36th Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 4–6 June 2006
37th Panama City, Panama 3–5 June 2007
38th Medellín, Colombia 1–3 June 2008
39th San Pedro Sula, Honduras 2–3 June 2009[1]
40th Lima, Peru 6–8 June 2010
41st San Salvador, El Salvador 5–7 June 2011
42nd Cochabamba, Bolivia 3-5 June 2012[2]
43rd La Antigua, Guatemala 4-6 June 2013[3]
44th Asunción, Paraguay 3-5 June 2014[4]
45th Washington, D.C., USA 15-16 June 2015[5]


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