General Belgrano Department, Chaco

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General Belgrano
Location of General Belgrano Department in Chaco Province
Location of General Belgrano Department in Chaco Province
Coordinates: 26°57′S 60°58′W / 26.950°S 60.967°W / -26.950; -60.967Coordinates: 26°57′S 60°58′W / 26.950°S 60.967°W / -26.950; -60.967
Country Argentina
Province Chaco Province
Founded April 30, 1917
Founded by Presidential decree
Capital Corzuela
 • Total 1,218 km2 (470 sq mi)
Population [1]
 • Total 10,470
 • Density 8.6/km2 (22/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Belgranense
Area code(s) 03731
Distance to Buenos Aires 1,250 km (780 mi)
Distance to Resistencia 255 km (158 mi)

General Belgrano is a central department of Chaco Province in Argentina.

The provincial subdivision has a population of about 10,500 inhabitants in an area of 1,218 km², and its capital city is Corzuela, which is located around 1,250 km from Capital Federal.

The department is named in honour of General Manuel Belgrano (June 3, 1770 – June 20, 1820), an Argentine economist, Lawyer, Politician and military leader.


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