General Command of the Armed Forces of South Russia

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General Command of the Armed Forces of South Russia
Главное Командование Вооружёнными Силами на Юге России
Glavnoe Komandovanie Vooruzhjonnymi Silami na Juge Rossii
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Not specified
Languages Russian
Government Martial law
Supreme Leader
 •  1918 Mikhail Alekseyev
 •  1918–1920 Anton Denikin
Historical era Russian Civil War
 •  Established 31 August 1918
 •  Disestablished 30 December 1919
 •  South Russian Government established March 1920
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
South Russian Government

The General Command of the Armed Forces of South Russia (Russian: Особое совещание при Главкоме ВСЮР Osoboe soveščanie pri Glavkome VSJuR) was an administrative body in southern Russia in 1918 and 1919 performing government functions in the territory controlled by the troops of the Russian White movement's Volunteer Army and Armed Forces of South Russia.

The predecessor to the General Command was the Political Council (Политический совет; Političeskij sovet) established in December 1917. In 1918, due to an increasing amount of territory falling under control of the Volunteer Army, the issue of civilian administration became more consequential. On 31 August 1918, the General Command was established under General Mikhail Vasilyevich Alekseyev. The functions of the General Command were clarified on 3 October 1918. The head of the Volunteer Army would be chairman of the General Command which would serve as an advisory body to the head. On 8 October 1918, following the death of General Alekseyev, the role of Supreme Leader was given to General Anton Denikin. Chairmen of the command were Abram Dragomirov (October 1918–September 1919) and Alexander Lukomsky (September–December 1919). The General Command was abolished on 30 December 1919 by Denikin and replaced with a Government of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of South Russia (Правительством при Главнокомандующем ВСЮР; Pravitel'stvom pri Glavnokoandujuščem VSJuR) and, in March 1920, the South Russian Government.