General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia

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General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia
Coat of arms of Armenia.svg
Coat of arms of the Republic of Armenia
Agency overview
Formed February 13, 2003
Jurisdiction Republic of Armenia
Agency executive
Website Official website

General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia (GDCA) is a government agency of Armenia. Its head office is on the property of Zvartnots International Airport in Zvartnots, near Yerevan.[1][2]


Although the Department of Civil Aviation was commissioned in 2003, Armenia's aviation history dates back to 1933 when Armenian independent air detachment under Soviet Union, started regular flights to Tbilisi from Southern Airfield (former name of Erebuni Airport).

During Soviet Union Times, all flights were operated by the state owned company called Aeroflot. Aeroflot connected all major cities of the nation to one another. Armenia had many direct flights to other republics of the USSR. However, international flights out of USSR were flown only through Moscow Sheremetevo airport.

During the times of Soviet Union Armenia saw the creation and the expansion of its aviation. Armenian SSR built all in all 7 airports and many other functioning airstrips.

Currently there are five official operational airports in Armenia. Two of the five (Shirak Airport and Zvartnots Airport) service international flights while the rest serve as regional airports. Erebuni Airport is mostly designated as a military airport stationing Armenian Air Force.

Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served Province ICAO FAA IATA Airport name Coordinates
Goris Syunik Goris Airport 39°27′N 046°21′E / 39.450°N 46.350°E / 39.450; 46.350 (Shinuyar Airport)
Gyumri Shirak UDSG LWN Shirak Airport 40°45′01″N 043°51′33″E / 40.75028°N 43.85917°E / 40.75028; 43.85917 (Shirak Airport)
Stepanavan Lori UDLS Stepanavan Airport 41°02′54″N 044°20′13″E / 41.04833°N 44.33694°E / 41.04833; 44.33694 (Stepanavan Airport)
Yerevan (capital) UDYZ EVN Zvartnots International Airport 40°08′50″N 044°23′45″E / 40.14722°N 44.39583°E / 40.14722; 44.39583 (Zvartnots International Airport)
Yerevan (capital) UDYE UD20 Erebuni Airport 40°07′19″N 044°27′53″E / 40.12194°N 44.46472°E / 40.12194; 44.46472 (Erebuni Airport)


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