General Jewish Labour Bund in Lithuania

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The General Jewish Labour Bund in Lithuania (Yiddish: Algemeyner Yidisher Arbeter Bund‎) was a Jewish socialist party in Lithuania, adhering to the political line of the General Jewish Labour Bund.

In 1919, it took part in the community elections under the new Lithuanian minorities autonomy law. In Vilkovishk for instance, it won an absolute majority with Poale Zion.[1] In Mariampol, the Bund got 3 seats out of 21.[2]

In 1921, the Bund was forced to stop its activities. Some Bundists joined the underground Communist Party while others joined the Poalei Zion-Smol (Left). The Lithuanian branch of the latter was also forced to disband after the 1926 coup d'état.[1]


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