General Magnaplate

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General Magnaplate
Industry Aerospace, Chemical processing, Electronics & Semiconductors, Food, Manufacturing, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Plastics & Rubber Molds, Powder Bulk Solids, Printing, Space
Founded 1952
Founder Dr. Charles P. Covino
Headquarters Linden, New Jersey
Number of locations
Ventura, California
Arlington, Texas
Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Candi Aversenti, CEO
Edmund Aversenti, COO
Products Coatings for metals

General Magnaplate is a company that researches and produces surface coatings for metals.

One of its products, Hi-T-Lube, is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the "world's most slippery solid".[1]


  • 1952 — Magnaplate Metal Finishers is established in Hoboken, New Jersey.[2]
  • 1967 — Tufram, Inc. opens in Linden, New Jersey to produce cookware, which is ranked Number 1 in the U.S. two years in a row by Consumer Reports.[3]
  • 1968 — Canadize is invented, a coating that augments surface hardness for titanium and titanium alloys.[4]
  • 1969 — The first man walks on the moon, and thanks to General Magnaplate he was able to drill into the moon's surface. A Canadize treatment on both the inside and outside of the titanium core sample drill tubes prevented samples being contaminated by titanium particles from the drill.[5]
  • 1970 — Nedox was invented, a coating that significantly increases metals' corrosion resistance and wear life.[6]
  • 1980 — General Magnaplate opens its Ventura, California facility.[7]
  • 1982 — General Magnaplate's Texas facility upgrades to its new Arlington location, and Candida Covino joins the company.
  • 1985 — Ed Aversenti joins the company
  • 1986 — Candida Covino becomes president of General Magnaplate and Magnaplate SNS is invented.[8]
  • 1989 — Plasmadize is invented, a coating which combines the advantages of thermal spraying with controlled infusion of dry polymers, dry lubricants or other materials to provide an entirely new composite with improved properties.[9]
  • 1995 — Hi-T-Lube is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the solid with the lowest coefficient of friction in the world.[10]
  • 2002 — General Magnaplate celebrates its 50th anniversary
  • 2002 — General Magnaplate obtains ISO 9001 certification [11]
  • 2004 — General Magnaplate plays a critical role in the Mars Rover landing by providing coatings for the landing mechanism.[12]
  • 2007 — Founder Dr. Charles P. Covino dies.[13]