General Medicine Faculty of RostGMU (Rostov State Medical University)

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General Medicine Faculty of RostGMU (Rostov State Medical University)
Лечебный Факультет Рост ГМУ
Motto Try the best Way
Type Public university
Established 1921
Rector Savisko, Aleksei Alekseivich
Dean Taranov, Ivan Ilyich
Location Rostov, Rostov-0on-Don, Russia

Rostov State Medical University, Faculty of General Medicine - Located in Rostov city center with 20 departments, each departments has its own clinics with numbers of beds.

Rostov State Medical University, Faculty of General Medicine[edit]

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The Faculty of General Medicine in its present form has been presenting instruction since 1930. Since 2004, 200 students are taught undergraduate programme in the English language.

The graduates of General Medicine are awarded the degree MD(M.D., Doctor of General Medicine). Possession of this degree enables the holder to practice medicine in the Russian Federation and in Europe without restriction. This degree also enables the holder to practice medicine in other countries where our Faculty is recognized and to apply for locally required licensing examinations.


The General Medicine faculty academic starts from the Imperial University of Warsaw, in 1915, evacuated to Rostov-on-Don. The basis of the medical faculty of the University was Nicholas' Hospital. The first dean of the medical faculty, was elected professor of IF Pozhariskii. At the stage of medical school at the Don had to overcome great difficulties in organizing the educational process. Great help in financing the medical faculty have provided community organizations and donations. Along with the preparation of physicians, scientists Department paid great attention to scientific research. Professor NI Napalkov in 1921, founded the Don Surgical Society, he was the organizer of the three congresses of surgeons of the Northern Caucasus, which played a major role in the development of science. Professor PI Emdin one of the first in the country began to apply surgical methods of treatment of nervous diseases.


Scientific development and improvement of technical equipment of medical service had a significant impact on improving clinical work. Much of the credit for this goes to the scientists, NA Bogoraz, KH Orlov, AI Mironov, POB Lelchuk etc. With the beginning of World War II held a "fiery" issue in 1300 doctors. Teaching staff involved in the organization mezhitsinskoy care to the wounded on the battlefield, many teachers went to the front and never returned home. In the postwar years, the medical-prophylactic faculty productions faculty team created all the necessary conditions for successful study and research work. A great contribution to teaching, research and educational work has made Professor PP Kovalenko, BI Vorobiev, VI Rusakov, AG Ponomareva, EG Lokshina POB Lelchuk etc. Currently, therapeutic and preventive faculty comprises 20 departments and has highly qualified personnel.


Dean Office[edit]

  • Dean of the Faculty : Taranov Ivan Ilyich - MD, PhD
  • Vice Dean1: Lomakovsky Nikolai Semenovich - Associate Professor, Department of General and Clinical Biochemistry, № 1
  • Vice Dean2: Litvinenko, Vladimir Ivanovich - Associate Professor of mobilization training of health and disaster medicine
  • Vice Dean3: Emelianov Valentin - Associate Professor, Department of Surgical Diseases № 1
  • Deputy Dean:Merklin Vladimir Aleksandrovich - senior lecturer in History and Philosophy. Phone Dean: 263-23-71


The Faculty is highly active in research both in theoretical and clinical subjects. The main research areas are:

  1. Anatomo-Physiological Development in scientific research.
  2. Tumor factors and pathological processes
  3. Bio-Chemistry with Laboratory Diagnostics
  4. Allergiology with Immunology programme
  5. Urology with Andrology Science
  6. Pre-conception and prenatal prevention
  7. Pathological Anatomy with Forensic Medicine
  8. Transplantation Development
  9. Trauma and Accidental injuries
  10. Tropical infectional Diseases

Departments of General Medicine Faculty[edit]

Head - Chapligina Elena Victorovna, MD, PhD

  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology № 1

Head - Rymashevsky Alexander, MD

  • Department of Internal Medicine № 1

Head - Terentyev, Vladimir Petrovich, MD, PhD

  • Department of Internal Medicine № 2

Head - Kastanayan Alexander, MD, PhD

  • Dept. of outpatient therapy

Head - Bagmet Alexander Danilovich, Ph.D., Professor

  • Department of Field Surgery and Therapy

Head - Taranov Ivan Ilyich, MD, PhD

Head - Bathushin M.M, PhD, Prof.

  • Department of Ophthalmology № 1

Head - Epihin Alexander

Head - Volkov, Alexander G., MD, PhD

  • Department of Nervous Diseases and Neurosurgery

Head - Balyazin Victor, MD, PhD

  • Department of Internal Medicine Propaedeutics

Head - Tkachev Alexander, MD, PhD

  • Department of General Surgery

Head - Chernov Victor N., MD, PhD

  • Department of Psychiatry

Head - Zaika, Vladimir G., MD, PhD

  • Department of Radiodiagnostics

Head - Michael Vartanovich Babaev, MD, PhD

  • Department of Dentistry № 1

Head - Novgorod Sergey, MD, PhD

Head - Katelnitskaya Ivan Ivanovich, MD, PhD

  • Department of Surgical Diseases № 2

Head - Lazarev, Igor A., MD, PhD

Head - Kogan, Michael I., MD, PhD

  • Department of Oncology

Head - Yuri Sidorenko, MD, Professor Phone: 251-88-72

Head - Sikilinda Vladimir Danilovich, Ph.D., Professor