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General Posts and Telecommunications Company (GPTC) is the state-owned organisation responsible for overseeing all postal and telecommunication services in Libya.[1] This includes fixed telephony, satellite communications, mobile telephony (in partnership with Al Madar and Libyana Mobile Phone) and other Libyan internet service providers.[2]

The company was established in 1984 with 70 telecom offices and 340 postal offices and 8 postal distributions centers,[1] with the main post office is located in Tripoli.[3] Libya has been a UPU member since 1952.[4]

The company is the main internet provider in Libya, and it cut internet connections between Libya and the rest of the world very shortly after the beginning of the protests against the Gaddafi regime that would result in the Libyan Civil War currently in progress. Internet was restored 21 August 2011.[5]

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