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Russell L. Maxwell was an officer in the U.S. Army.

Shortly before United States entry into World War II, Maxwell was sent to North Africa as head of the US Military North African Mission. He was the Lend Lease coordinator in the area. Maxwell became the Commanding General US Army Forces in the Middle East (USAFIME) which consisted largely of Army Air Forces units. By February 1941, Colonel Maxwell was the Administrator of Export Control.

On 4 November 1942, Lieutenant General Frank M. Andrews replaced Maxwell as commander of USAFIME.

A German merchant ship, the Liebenfels, salvaged at Massawa, Italian Eritrea by Navy Commander Edward Ellsberg working under Maxwell's direction was named for General Maxwell.[1] The General Maxwell was later renamed Empire Nile by the British.

From September 30, 1943 to March 14, 1946, Maxwell served as the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-4, in the War Department General Staff.

He served as a major general from 9 March 1942 to 30 September 1946.


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