General Secretary of the Interior

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General Secretary of the Interior
Generalsekretär im Bundesministerium für Inneres
Austria politic personality icon.svg
Office vacant
Since 21 May 2019
Ministry of the Interior
StyleMr. General Secretary
StatusChief operating officer
Reports toMinister of the Interior
SeatMinistry of the Interior
Minoritenplatz, Innere Stadt, Vienna
AppointerThe Minister
sworn in by the President
Term lengthNo fixed term
Formation18 December 2017
First holderPeter Goldgruber
Final holderPeter Goldgruber

The General Secretary of the Interior (German: Generalsekretär im Bundesministerium für Inneres) is the chief operating officer and second-highest ranking official of the Ministry of the Interior of Austria. The General Secretary is responsible for overseeing and managing the ministry's day-to-day operations and directly supervises the heads of the ministerial sections.[1]

The General Secretary is appointed by the Minister of the Interior and serves at their pleasure.

List of General Secretaries[edit]

Tenure Duration Party Minister Government
Peter Goldgruber
Goldgruber, PeterMag.
Peter Goldgruber
(born 1960)
18 December 2017

21 May 2019
1 year, 209 days IndependentPortrait of Hainisch (circa 1915-20)
Herbert Kickl

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