General Suppression Headquarters of Xuzhou Garrison

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On June 29, 1948, the Xuzhou Command Headquarters of Republic of China Army reorganized as General Suppression Headquarters of Xuzhou Garrison (hereinafter referred to GHQ Xuzhou Garrison). Liu Zhi headed as the commander in chief, Du Yuming, Li Yannian, Feng Zhi'an, Liu Ruming, Han Deqin, Sun Zhen as Deputy Commanders in Chief, and Li Su-Cheng served as the Chief of Staff. In the beginning of the Hsuchow-Bengbu Campaign, the GHQ Xuzhou Garrison commanded, with six armies and three pacification zones under its operational jurisdiction, a total of about 800,000 ground troops. Xuzhou Garrison also owned a considerable number of elements of ROC Air Forces stationed in Nanjing, Xuzhou, and Bengbu: either under the direct command of GHQ Xuzhou Garrison, or controlled straight through the mobilization of the Air Force Command authority.

January 19, 1949, because of a devastated defeat of the nationalist forces resulted in "Xuzhou-Bengbu Campaign" (Huaihai Campaign), Suppression General Headquarters of Xuzhou Garrison was indefinitely deactivated.


  1. ^ Reinforced from General Suppression Headquarters of Central China after the beginning of Hsuchow-Bengbu Campaign