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General Treviño is a municipality of Mexico. It originated from a ranch named “El Puntiagudo” that was given to Don Juan Baptista Chapa on 14 January 1688. Don Francisco Chapa made the foundation in 1705. Its erection in the villa was verified on 9 December 1868, being Governor of the State Nuevo León, General Jerónimo Treviño; it belonged to the villas founded during the 19th century. The main reason for its foundation was the operation of agricultural resources.

The municipality of General Treviño is located to the northeast of the state of Nuevo León, in the region called “Gran Llanura de Norte America”, in the zone denominated “Fidenor”, located in the coordinates 26º28' of west longitude, to a height of 188 meters on the level of the sea. Their limits are: to the North and the West with Agualeguas, Nuevo Leo'n and Mier, Tamaulipas; to the South with Melchor Ocampo and the East with Los Aldamas. Within the traditional foods of General Trevino is the Tamale of Elote, the “carne seca” and the “cabrito”. The typical candy is the one made of “fríjol” (bean). In General Treviño there is an approximated number of 1,800 inhabitants. There is a count of 49 localities of which most importantly are: San Javier, Rancho El Faro, Buena Vista and Los Maldonado.

Coordinates: 26°13′N 99°29′W / 26.217°N 99.483°W / 26.217; -99.483