General der Fallschirmtruppe

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General der Fallschirmtruppe
(General of the parachute corps)
Rank insignia of the Luftwaffe

General der Fallschirmtruppe (en: General of the parachute corps) was a General of the branch rank of the Deutsche Luftwaffe (en: German Air Force) in Nazi Germany. Until the end of World War II in 1945, this particular general officer rank was on three-star level (OF-8), equivalent to a US Lieutenant general.

The General of the branch ranks of the Luftwaffe were in 1945:

The rank was equivalent to the General of the branch ranks of the Heer (Army) as follows:

junior Rank
Luftwaffe eagle.svg

(German officer rank)
General der Fallschirmtruppe

senior Rank
Other services

The rank was also equivalent to the German three-star ranks:

List of officers who were General der Fallschirmtruppe[edit]

Eugen Meindl 1941

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