General der Luftnachrichtentruppe

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General der Luftnachrichtentruppe
(General of air force communications troops)
Rank insignia of the Luftwaffe

General der Luftnachrichtentruppe (en: General of air force communications troops) was a General of the branch rank of the Deutsche Luftwaffe (en: German Air Force) in Nazi Germany. Until the end of WW2 in 1945, this particular general officer rank was on tree-star level (OF-8), equivalent to a US Lieutenant general.

The General of the branch ranks of the Luftwaffe were in 1945:

The rank was equivalent to the General of the branch ranks of the Heer (Army) as follows:

junior Rank
Luftwaffe eagle.svg

(German officer rank)
General der Luftnachrichtentruppe

senior Rank
Other services

The rank was also equivalent to the German three-star ranks:

Officers in this rank[edit]

Name Dates of life Promotion Remark
Friedrich Fahnert 1879–1964 April 1, 1945 higher commander of the Luftnachrichtenstab in Halle (Saale)
Wolfgang Martini 1891–1963 1941 expert to German radar technology
Walter Surén 1880–1976

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