General of the army (Russia)

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General of the army
The insignia used from 2013
Country  USSR(1940-1991)
Service branch Russian Armed Forces
Rank Four-star rank
NATO rank OF-9
Non-NATO rank O-10
Formation 1940
Next higher rank Marshal of the Russian Federation
Next lower rank Colonel general
Equivalent ranks Admiral of the fleet (Navy)
Defence secretary general of the army S. Shoygu with shoulder boards.

General of the army (error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) is the second highest military rank in the Russian Federation, inferior only to a marshal and superior to a colonel general. It is a direct counterpart of the Soviet "General of the army" rank.

At present it is also the highest rank in the air force, artillery, aerospace defense forces, armored troops, engineer troops and signal troops. Unlike the Soviet Union where similarly ranked officers were called marshals and chief marshals of a branch. The corresponding naval rank is admiral of the fleet.

On appointment as Defense Minister on 7 May 1992, Pavel Grachev was the first officer to be promoted to this rank. Vladimir Yakovlev was promoted to this grade while serving as commander of the Strategic Missile Troops (1997–2001).

Rank insignia[edit]

Since 2013 rank insignia is one big star and army emblem on straps which was used also till 1997, like in Soviet Army since 1974. Between 1997 and 2013 the rank insignia was 4 stars in a row, like in the Soviet Union from 1943 to 1974.

Until 1997 generals wore a "small" marshal's star. But when in 1993 ranks of chief marshal and marshal of the branch in Russian Federation were abolished, there was no more reason for special rank insignia for generals. By the President's decree of January 27, 1997 generals regained 1943-like straps with 4 stars in a row.