Generation O!

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Generation O!
Genre Animated series
Created by David Hale, Tim Newman, James Proimos
Directed by Mike Milo
Starring Kay Hanley
Scott McNeil
Tabitha St. Germain
Kathleen Barr
Cathy Weseluck
Matt Hill
Doug Parker
Andrew Francis
Chantal Strand
Theme music composer Letters to Cleo and Michael Carey
Opening theme Letters to Cleo
Ending theme Letters to Cleo
Composer(s) David Hale and David Buskin
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Marha Ripp, Ken Olshansky, Carole Wietzman
Producer(s) Jodey Kaminsky-Cashman
Running time 30 minutes for episode
Production company(s) Sunbow Entertainment
RTV Family Entertainment
Original network The WB
Original release August 26, 2000 – March 23, 2001

Generation O! is an American animated television comedy series made by Sunbow Entertainment, with co-production provided by Wang Films in Taiwan and Ravensberger in Germany. There are also international versions of the series called "Molly O!". Generation O! was originally called Molly O! and was created by David Hale, Tim Newman and James Proimos, based on an original idea by Hale and Newman. Executive Producers were Carole Wietzman, Martha Ripp and Ken Olshansky. The Creative Producer and Director was Mike Milo and the Line Producer was Jodey Kaminsky-Cashman. Most of the episodes were written by Suzanne Collins, author of The Underland Chronicles and The Hunger Games trilogy. John Hardman was the production exec at The WB.

The show's visual design was based on Proimos's style. Every episode had at least one song and music video, which would be related to the episode's plot. For example, in one episode Molly gets mad at her brother and ends up writing a song called "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" in retaliation. Most of the songs used in the series were penned by Hale and David Buskin.

This show aired from 2000 to 2001 on YTV and The WB. The WB aired it as part of their "Fraturdays" block. Only 13 episodes were ever created. Like all the other shows on The WB as seen in the USA, the show is closed captioned by the National Captioning Institute. In Latin America the show premiered on Nickelodeon on 2001, but was removed in early 2003. In the United Kingdom the series was screened on the Disney Channel, but curiously unlisted in the schedules and after midnight. In Australia it aired on Nickelodeon.


Generation O! focuses on the character of Molly O!, an 8-year-old rock star and the lead singer of the band "Generation O!" along with bassist Nub, guitarist "Eddie" (Molly's cousin Edwina), drummer Yo-Yo (a kangaroo), and manager Colonel Bob. Molly also spends time with her best friend Chadd, and tries to avoid her pesky brother Buzz.


Music for Generation O! was performed by alternative rock band Letters to Cleo, who wrote the title theme song.


  • Jodey Cashman- Line Producer
  • Anthony Mathews- Production Manager
  • Mike Milo- Creative Producer and Director
  • Tom McLaughlin- Sheet timing
  • Trevor Wall-Storyboard supervisor
  • Tim Harding props
  • Phip Dimetriadis- backgrounds
  • Becca Ramos- Additional backgrounds
  • Mike Inman - background color
  • Mike Guerena- character color
  • Brent Gordon and Mike Milo- character design and models
  • Glen Darcey - F/X & other drawings

Post Production was provided by Vitello Post in Hollywood


Voice actors for Generation O!:


Episode Number Episode Title Episode Description Original Air Date
1 Damp Sheets Molly wets her bed. August 26, 2000
2 Our House To prepare for their next concert, Generation O stays in an old house. Which proves to be problematic when they get on each others nerves. September 2, 2000
3 You Copied Molly is accused of plagiarizing a song from another band, the Dancing Schuberts. Now, Molly has to appear in court, but even she starts to think she copied. September 9, 2000
4 Deviated Tonsils September 16, 2000
5 Pierced Ears Molly wants her ears pierced. September 22, 2000
6 Girls Rule, Boys Drool Molly gets angry at her brother so she creates an angry song, claiming "Girls Rule, Boys Drool". To seek revenge, Buzz posts it behind her back, damaging Molly and Chaz's friendship. September 29, 2000
7 Boys May Be Boys October 13, 2000
8 Look Alike November 3, 2000
9 Bedtime Blues Molly tries to sneak out of the house to see her favorite comedian. November 10, 2000
10 Going Solo December 1, 2000
11 Lone Fry Ironically, Molly is the outcast in her school's winter pagent. February 2, 2001
12 Whatever Happened to Molly O!? After a day at Buckingham Palace, everyone thinks the real Molly O has been replaced by a man named Melvin. February 23, 2001
13 The Defiant One March 23, 2001

DVD release[edit]

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has not announced any plans for a DVD release of the show. They did, however, release VHS tapes of select episodes in 2001.


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