Generation X (1965 book)

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Generation X
Generation X (1965 book).jpg
AuthorJane Deverson and Charles Hamblett
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublisherTandem Books
Publication date
Pages192 pp.

Generation X is a 1965 165-page book on popular youth culture by British journalists Jane Deverson and Charles Hamblett.[1] It contains interviews with teenagers who were part of the Mod subculture. It began as a series of interviews in a 1964 study of British youth, commissioned by British lifestyle magazine Woman's Own where Deverson worked.[2] The interviews detailed a culture of promiscuous and anti-establishment youth, and was seen as inappropriate for the magazine.[3]

Cultural influences[edit]

Generation X, a punk rock band that English musician Billy Idol formed in 1976, was named after the book—a copy of which was owned by Idol's mother.[4]


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