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Generative systems

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Generative systems are technologies with the overall capacity to produce unprompted change driven by large, varied, and uncoordinated audiences.[1] When generative systems provide a common platform, changes may occur at varying layers (physical, network, application, content) and provide a means through which different firms and individuals may cooperate indirectly and contribute to innovation.[2]

Depending on the rules, the patterns can be extremely varied and unpredictable. One of the better-known examples is Conway's Game of Life, a cellular automaton. Other examples include Boids and Wikipedia.[3] More examples can be found in generative music, generative art, and, more recently, in video games such as Spore.


Jonathan Zittrain[edit]

In 2006, Jonathan Zittrain published The Generative Internet in Volume 119 of the Harvard Law Review.[1] In this paper, Zittrain describes a technology's degree of generativity as being the function of four characteristics:

  • Capacity for leverage – the extent to which an object enables something to be accomplished that would not have otherwise be possible or worthwhile.
  • Adaptability – how widely a technology can be used without it needing to be modified.
  • Ease of mastery – how much effort and skill is required for people to take advantage of the technology's leverage.
  • Accessibility – how easily people are able to start using a technology.

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