Genesee Generating Station

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Genesee Generating Station
Location Genesee, Alberta
Status Active
Commission date 1989
Owner(s) Capital Power Corporation
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Type Steam turbine
Feeding mines open pit
Cooling source Genesee cooling pond
Power generation
Units operational 3
Nameplate capacity 1,212 MW

Genesee Generating Station is a coal fired station owned by Capital Power Corporation, located near Genesee, Alberta, Canada; 60 minutes southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Fuel is provided by the nearby coal mine, a joint venture of EPCOR and Westmoreland Prairie Resources. The Genesee cooling pond, is an artificial pond covering 735 hectares (1,820 acres). The pond is topped up with water from the North Saskatchewan River.

The station consists of 3 units.


The Poplar River Power Station consists of:[1]

  • G1 - one 390 net MW unit (commissioned in 1989)
  • G2 - one 390 net MW unit (commissioned in 1994)
  • G3 - one 490 net MW unit (commissioned in 2005)

The boilers are supplied by CE, and Hitachi while the turbines/generator are supplied by GEC and Hitachi.[2] The plant has two smokestacks, one 138 m (453 ft) tall, the other 121 m (397 ft) tall.[3]

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Coordinates: 53°20′35″N 114°18′11″W / 53.343°N 114.303°W / 53.343; -114.303