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Geneseo Central School District is a district having an elementary and middle/high school in Geneseo, New York, United States. The size of the district encompasses 70 square miles.

The district has a strong emphasis on the core subject areas in kindergarten through the twelfth grade. It also offers foreign language classes, music, and art. The schools have three guidance counselors and two psychologists.

The classrooms and library include computers. The school campus consists of three adjoining buildings and has a 600-seat auditorium, two gymnasiums, a pool, and a lighted playing field for track, football and soccer. A new entryway and lobby were added in 2006 as part of a 9.9 million dollar renovation project. The project also provided upgraded heating, ventilation and air conditioning, new lights, ceilings and floors. High school science classrooms were also reconstructed and modernized during this project.

The Geneseo Central School District has been a leader among the Genesee Valley schools in instructional technology. All classrooms are equipped with a digital projector and most rooms have an interactive whiteboard.

The elementary part of the school is not the only elementary school in town.[1] Grades K-5 enroll about 400 students.[2] The middle school/high school houses grades 6-12. Grades 6-12 contain about 500 students.[3] Geneseo Central School District currently has 178 staff members. The elementary school and high school have 76 staff members each.[4]

Geneseo's President of the Board of Education is Jenn Mehlenbacher.


Geneseo's school was first, in 1820, located in the center of town, on land donated by James and William Wadsworth.[5] The Wadsworths had purchased tens of thousands of acres from the Seneca Indians in about 1790. "Geneseo" is Seneca for "pleasant valley".[6] In 1779 the Senecas had evacuated Geneseo because of the Sullivan Expedition.[7]

In 1932 the school became a museum when the state college opened Holcomb School. This school later closed and became the Welles Building, now part of the State University of New York at Geneseo campus.[5] Holcomb School was named after Dr. Winfield A. Holcomb, a president of Geneseo State Normal School, a predecessor of today's SUNY school.[8]

Holcomb School was moved to a new building, which was torn down in 2012 to make room for a sports building for the College at Geneseo.[9][10][11]

Geneseo's high school opened in 1830. It was located on the east side of the village. It was at first called Livingston County High School, and later the Geneseo Academy. It closed in the early 1870s. This was because Geneseo State Normal School opened a high school within its building. In 1930 Geneseo began building a high school again, because the winds of politics had closed the Normal School's high school, because it was run by the state. The new high school building was built on 79 acres of land donated by the Wadsworths, and opened in 1933. The building is now known as the Doty Building.[12] The high school moved to its present location in 1974.[13]


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