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Genesian Theatre

The Genesian Theatre is an amateur theatre company based in Sydney, Australia, named in honour of Saint Genesius. Formed in 1944 by members of the Sydney Catholic Youth Organisation, it has since evolved into a community theatre in the heart of the Sydney central business district.

Description and history[edit]

The Genesian Theatre has been operating from historic St John The Evangelist Church in Kent Street since January 1954.[1] St John's Church dates from 1868. It has served as both a church and a poor school until 1932 when it became the Kursaal Theatre, housing the Sydney Repertory Company. In 1938 it became the first Matthew Talbot Hostel.[2]

Membership is open to any members of the community that are over the age of 18. Members are invited to participate in all aspects of theatre production, including acting, designing, back-stage work, directing, and administration.

The Genesian Theatre produces six main stage productions each year as well as running classes, workshops, and many other activities.


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