Genesis Communications Network

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Genesis Communications Network
Type of site
Radio network
Available in English
Owner Ted Anderson, Genesis Communications Network Inc.
Launched 1998; 19 years ago (1998)
Current status Active

The Genesis Communications Network, sometimes referred to as GCN, is an radio network created in 1998, owned by Ted Anderson. The network currently produces over 75 shows, distributed on more than 830 radio stations nationwide while also airing a handful of programs on America's Talk Radio as well as on shortwave. The network is known for conspiracy-theory programming; Alex Jones is its most prominent syndicated personality.

History and programming[edit]

Ted Anderson is the owner of the Genesis Communications Network.[1] Anderson created the network in 1998 "as a way to promote his company, Midas Resources, which sells gold and silver coins to collectors and investors."[2] Based in Minnesota, the network carries "carries a lot of conspiracy talk radio."[2] "By far the biggest star" on the network in Alex Jones, a prolific conspiracy theorist who became one of Genesis Communications Network's first personalities in 1998.[2] Alex Jones frequently promotes a wide variety of conspiracy theories, include 9/11 conspiracy theories and claims that the Boston Marathon bombing, Washington Navy Yard shooting, and other events "are actually 'false flag' operations" by the U.S. government "or evil 'globalist' forces planning to take over the world."[2][1] Jones' syndication with the network allowed him to reach a much larger audience; "[a]lmost overnight, he was on a hundred stations."[2]

Shows and personalities[edit]

The network's shows include:

Brokered programming, mostly for alternative medical products, fills out the rest of the schedules.

Jeff Rense was carried by Genesis Communications Network after the Premiere Radio Networks, which dropped it the late 1990s. GCN took over distribution at that time, and carried the show through August 2009, at which point he pulled the show from the network after he accused fellow GCN host Alex Jones of terrorizing his family.

Psychologist Joy Browne hosted her nationally syndicated program on the network in the last few years before her death.[3]


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