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Genesis Communications Network
Type of site Independent Radio Network
Available in English
Owner Ted Anderson, Genesis Communications Network Inc.
Launched 1998; 18 years ago (1998)
Current status Active

The Genesis Communications Network, sometimes referred to as GCN, is an independent radio network created in 1998, owned by Ted Anderson. The network currently produces over 75 shows, distributed on more than 1000 radio stations nationwide while also airing a handful of programs on America's Talk Radio as well as on shortwave. Program topics include; politics, finances, entertainment, gardening, home improvement, auto repair, health, paranormal, conspiracy and any and all hot "trending" topics. Most of the network's weekday programs take a strong libertarian and/or paleoconservative political stance, often referring to or discussing issues such as limited government, monetary systems (particularly support for returning to a metallic standard), and the United States Constitution. Conspiracy theories are frequent topics on GCN, more so than on mainstream conservative talk radio.


The network's shows include:

  • Alex Jones Show. Hosted by noted independent journalist Alex Jones. Arguably GCN's flagship program, Jones's program airs from noon to 3 p.m. Eastern Time (although many of his stations tape-delay the program or air it only on weekends because it airs at the same time as The Rush Limbaugh Show).
  • Baldwin McCullough Show. Hosted by actor Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough.
  • Daliah Wachs
  • Free Talk Live. Hosted by Libertarians Ian Freeman & Mark Edge.
  • Good Day. GCN is one of many networks that distributes a portion of Doug Stephan's morning program.
  • The Steve Sanchez Show
  • The Jason Lewis Show. Hosted by America's Mr. Right. Jason Lewis was formerly syndicated on Premiere Radio Networks.
  • Karel, openly gay radio host from San Francisco, hosts a one-hour daily show on the network.
  • Katherine Albrecht hosts a one-hour show on the network.
  • Home Talk USA (radio) with "The Cajun Contractor" Michael King (radio host)
  • The Mancow Experience Jan 13th 2014 GCN added Mancow Muller, host of the TV show God, Guns and Automobiles of the History channel; Mancow had previously aired on Talk Radio Network. One of the memoribile highlights on GCN is a November 2013 appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Muller claimed that Chicago actor Harry Lennix had been hired to train Barack Obama how to look and act presidential more than a decade before Obama was elected president in an attempt to support claims that President Obama is nothing more than a "puppet" being controlled by shadowy figures who groomed him for office so that he could promote their secret agenda. According to Muller, Lennix told him that, "He was the actor hired to teach Obama to be Harry Lennix, watch The Blacklist and you can see Obama, this is an actor that we hired to be our president." Muller also told Alex Jones, "He (Lennix) is leaving our studio and sees a cut-out of Obama and says ‘he’s a rat bastard’ – oh because I’m black I have to like Obama? He says, Mancow do I remind you of him? Barack Obama is me, you’ve seen me on TV, you’ve seen me on movies, he is me." [1] However, Lennix has reportedly said Muller's claims are nothing more than hearsay and stated that "Those are not my words," and "I don’t like Barack Obama or his policies but I never said I trained him or anything of the kind." [2]
  • Marilu Henner hosts a two-hour afternoon show.
  • Mike Siegel, formerly the host of Coast to Coast AM, hosts a late-night show.

Brokered programming, mostly for alternative medical products, fills out the rest of the schedules.



Jeff Rense was carried by Genesis Communications Network after the Premiere Radio Networks, which dropped it the late 1990s. GCN took over distribution at that time, and carried the show through August 2009, at which point he pulled the show from the network after he accused fellow GCN host Alex Jones of terrorizing his family.[4]

Psychologist Dr. Joy Browne hosted her nationally syndicated program on the network in the last few years before her death.


The network distributes its content on over 1,000 AM & FM radio stations in the United States and can also be heard worldwide through Live internet streams; 24/7 On Demand, Program archives, Podcast, GCN iPhone App via Apple iTunes & GCN Android App via Google Android Market.


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