Geneva Citizens' Movement

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Geneva Citizens' Movement
Mouvement citoyens genevois
Leader Roger Golay
Founded 2005
Headquarters Rue des Grand'Portes 1, CH-1213 Onex
Ideology National conservatism
Political position Right-wing
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
Colours           Yellow, Red
National Council
1 / 200
Council of States
0 / 46
Grand Council of Geneva
20 / 100

The Geneva Citizens' Movement (French: Mouvement citoyens genevois), abbreviated to MCG, is a populist[1] political party in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.


Founded in 2005 by Éric Stauffer, the MCG established itself as the canton's third most powerful political party in the 2009 legislative election, winning 17 out of 100 seats in the Grand Council of Geneva.[1] In 2013, the party further increased its share to 20 seats.[2]

In the federal election of October 2011, the MCG won one of Geneva's eleven seats in the National Council, with Mauro Poggia (b. 1959), formerly of the Christian Democrats and also the Italian Union of Christian and Centre Democrats.

Year Votes  % Seats
2005[3] 6,633 7.7% 9
2009 12,813 14.7% 17
2013 17,776 19.2% 20


The MCG calls itself neither left- nor right-wing,[1] but it is often referred to as right-wing or far-right by political opponents and the media.[4] It campaigns on a platform of opposition to established party politics (classe politique)[1] and to the 65,000 cross-border commuters from France,[4] calling for the priority allocation of jobs to Swiss citizens.[5] On social issues, however, the MCG takes a left-wing stance.


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