Geneva Marathon

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Geneva Marathon
Date Early May
Location Geneva, Switzerland
Event type Road
Distance Marathon, Half marathon, 10K run
Primary sponsor Harmony Group
Established 2005
Course records Men:
 William Yegon (KEN) 2:10:31
 Milka Jerotich (KEN) 2:32:34
Official site Geneva Marathon
Teshomi Temerate and Germa Tsiga in 2010.

The Harmony Geneva Marathon for UNICEF is an annual marathon running event held in Geneva, Switzerland. It draws about 9,100 participants every May. Apart from the marathon, there are also a half marathon, a Relay Marathon, a 20 km Handbike and wheelchair race, a 10 km race held on the same day, and races exclusively for women (5 km) and children (1 to 5 km) held the day before. A time limit of six hours and a half applies to the main event.

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 2005  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:15:29  Kenina Chawla (ETH) 2:43:53
2nd 2006  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:15:31  Joanna Chmiel (POL) 2:45:07
3rd 2007  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:18:36  Elfenesh Melaku (ETH) 2:43:57
4th 2008  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:14:23  Addis Gezahegne (ETH) 2:46:57
5th 2009  Germa Tsige (ETH) 2:19:49  Reulen Stijntje (SUI) 2:52:47
6th 2010  Teshomi Temerate (ETH) 2:20:30  Laura Hrebec (SUI) 2:44:32
7th 2011  Hailu Begashaw (ETH) 2:17:45.7  Pascale Prevel (BEL) 3:07:49.5
8th 2012  Tewodros Zewdu (ETH) 2:19:25.5  Julia Vinokourova (RUS) 2:44:29.2
9th 2013[1]  Maksim Pankratau (BLR) 2:15:42  Belaynesh Bekele (ETH) 2:45:44
10th 2014  Simon Mukun (KEN) 2:11:00  Milka Jerotich (KEN) 2:32:34
11th 2015  Peter Kiplagat (KEN) 2:11:18  Jane Kiptoo (KEN) 2:35:44
12th 2016  Julius Chepkwony (KEN) 2:11:11  Jane Kiptoo (KEN) 2:35:04
13th 2017[2]  William Yegon (KEN) 2:10:31  Motu Megersa (ETH) 2:40:46
14th 2018  William Yegon (KEN) 2:12:10  Amelework Fekadu (ETH) 2:38:05


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