Geng Jingzhong

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Geng.
Geng Jingzhong

Geng Jingzhong (Chinese: 耿精忠; pinyin: Gěng Jīngzhōng; Wade–Giles: Keng Ching-chung; died 1682) was a powerful military commander of the early Qing dynasty. He inherited the title of "King/Prince of Jingnan" (靖南王) from his father Geng Jimao, who had inherited it from Jingzhong's grandfather Geng Zhongming. Firmly entrenched as a quasi independent ruler in Fujian, in 1674 Geng Jingzhong rebelled against Qing rule along with the other two of the Three Feudatories Wu Sangui and Shang Zhixin, who were also governing enormous principalities in south China. Qing armies eventually defeated Geng, who surrendered to the Kangxi Emperor. The Qing then used Geng's troops to fight the other feudatories until the civil war ended. Soon after the Qing final victory in 1681, the Kangxi Emperor had Geng executed by slow slicing for treason.