Geng Lijuan

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Geng Lijuan
Nationality  China  Canada
Born January 15, 1963
Hebei Province, China
Height 5'2 (157cm)
Weight 123 lb (56kg)

Geng Lijuan (Chinese: 耿丽娟; born 1963) is a Chinese-Canadian table tennis player.[1] She is a four-time World Champion, former World #1 and member of the Chinese National Team.

Geng retired from the Chinese national team before the 1988 Seoul Olympics, and married her mixed doubles partner in the world championships, a Romanian table tennis player who had emigrated to Canada. She moved to Canada in 1989, then played professionally in a German club for four years.[2]

She returned to Ottawa in 1994, bought a pizza shop with her husband, and expanded it to three shops. She played table tennis in her spare time, and represented Canada internationally including in the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games. Her career includes winning numerous international Open tournaments such as the French Open, US Open, Italian Open, and German Open. She was a multi-gold medalist at the Pan American Games and many times Canadian and North American Champion.[2]

After she stopped competing, she established the Geng Table Tennis Academy. Jimmy Pintea, Sonia Qin, Andrea Liu, Ly Quan Li, and Shannon Zheng have worked with Geng at the academy. In 2010 Lijuan was the coach of the National Team players at the National Training Center in Ottawa.


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