Genghis Khan (unfinished film)

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Genghis Khan
Directed by Ken Annakin
Written by Andrzej Krakowski
Starring Bekim Fehmiu
Rodney A. Grant
Daniel Greene
Charlton Heston
James Hong
James Mitchum
Pat Morita
Cinematography John Cabrera
Edited by Katina Zinner
Peter Zinner
Int. Cinema Company Madison Motion Pictures Group
Country United States
Language English
Budget $55,000,000 (Estimated)

Genghis Khan is an American Historical drama film directed by Ken Annakin. Shooting began in Kyrgyzstan with Kyrgyz director Tolomush Okeyev, but after several weeks of project development, preparation, and pre-production, it became evident that the film was unsuitable for an international audience, and production was halted.

The project was restored and given to British director Peter Duffell (director of The Far Pavilions, an epic film similar in scale) with a new script that begins with the story of Khan's childhood. Soon after shooting began, Ken Annakin took over as director. Post production was never finished[why?].

Madison Motion Pictures Group acquired rights to the film in 2010. Parts of the original footage were used to make Genghis Khan: The Story of a Lifetime, a 2-hour feature film and an epic 6-hour TV series, also directed by Ken Annakin and co-directed by Antonio Margheriti.


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