Genghis Khan (2004 TV series)

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Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan (2004 TV series).jpg
DVD cover art
Genre Historical drama
Written by Yu Zhixian
Zhu Yaoting
Directed by Wang Wenjie
Starring Ba Sen
Saren Gaowa
Suo Lizhong
Zhao Hengxuan
Ending theme Chuanshuo (傳說) performed by Tengge'er
Composer(s) Tengge'er
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 30
Executive producer(s) Bate'er
Wang Wensheng
Wang Yongquan
Producer(s) Zhang Guomin
Jiang Kun
Du Jie
Liu Rui
Zhulan Qiqige
Location(s) Mongolia
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Original network CCTV (China)
KBS (South Korea)
First shown in 2004 (China)
10 September - 18 December 2005 (South Korea)
Genghis Khan
Chinese 成吉思汗

Genghis Khan is a Chinese television series based on the life of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire in the 13th century. Ba Sen, who portrayed the eponymous character in the series, is a descendant of Genghis Khan's second son, Chagatai.[1] The series was first broadcast on CCTV in China in 2004, on KBS in South Korea in 2005, and the Turkish state channel TRT-1.


The 30 episodes long television series depicts the major events in the life of Temüjin, the founder of the Mongol Empire in the 13th century. It begins with his birth and his struggle for survival in his childhood and adolescent years after the death of his father, Yesugei. With support from his allies and his father's former followers, Temüjin becomes the leader of the Borjigin tribe and emerges as one of the most powerful warlords in Mongolia. After spending decades on the battlefield, Temüjin eventually succeeds in uniting all the Mongol tribes under his rule and adopts the honorific title "Genghis Khan" (means "supreme ruler" in the Mongol language). Genghis Khan continues to lead his armies to attack the Khwarezmid Empire in the west and the Jurchen-led Jin Empire in the south before dying from illness during a campaign against the Western Xia kingdom.


Genghis Khan and his family[edit]

  • Ba Sen as Temüjin (Genghis Khan), the founder of the Mongol Empire.
    • Ba Sen also portrayed Yesugei, Temüjin's father and the chief of the Borjigin tribe.
    • Ke'er Qinbi Shaoge as Temüjin (9 years old)
    • Xilin Manda as Temüjin (12 years old)
    • Daleng Zhaorige as Temüjin (16 years old)
  • Saren Gaowa as Hoelun, Temüjin's mother.
  • Hasi Qiqige as Yesügei's concubine.
  • Suo Lizhong as Börte, Temüjin's first wife.
    • Aruna as Börte (young)
  • Siqin Bilige as Hasar, Temüjin's second brother.
    • Guo Jianhua as Hasar (young)
  • Wuri Jitu as Belgutei, Temüjin's third brother.
    • Tumen Gerile as Belgutei (young)
  • Saixingga as Hachiun, Temüjin's fourth brother.
  • Sang Bao as Temüge, Temüjin's fifth brother.
    • Dai Qin as Temüge (young)
  • Wulan Qiqige as Temülen, Temüjin's sister.
  • Liu Min as Jochi, Temüjin's eldest son.
  • Jiang Tao as Chagatai, Temüjin's second son.
  • Wang Dong as Mu'a Tugan, Chagatai's son.
  • Huhe as Ögedei, Temüjin's third son and successor.
  • Yang Jun as Tolui, Temüjin's fourth son.
  • Qin Yongxiao as Alaya Beqi, Temüjin's daughter.
  • Zheng Shuang as Yesui, Temüjin's concubine and Yekechelian's daughter.
  • Nuoming Yeri as Yesugen, Yesui's sister and Temüjin's concubine.
  • Chen Sicheng as Khulan, Temüjin's concubine and Dayi'er Wusun's daughter.
  • Nala as Huo'a Heichen, a female slave who served Temüjin's family.

Genghis Khan's relatives[edit]

Borjigin tribe
  • Suya Ladalai as Daridai, Temüjin's fourth uncle.
  • Hasi Bate as Negun Taiji, Temüjin's second uncle.
  • Wurigen as Hucha'er, Temüjin's cousin.
  • Nuoribu as Aletan, Temüjin's distant uncle.
  • Dalie Lihan as Menglike, Temüjin's distant uncle.
  • Guan Qige as Chalahe, Menglike's father.
  • Suhe as Kuokuochu, Menglike's son and a shaman.
  • He Qi as Zhuchitai, Temüjin's distant cousin.
Khongirad tribe
  • Bala Zhu'er as Daisechen, Börte's father and Genghis Khan's father-in-law.
  • Tuhai as Daisechen's wife and Börte's mother

Genghis Khan's followers[edit]

"Four Heroes" (四傑)
  • Liang Baoshan as Bo'orchu
    • Jinge Naoribu as Bo'orchu (young)
  • Wulan Baoyin as Chilaun, a former member of the Tayichiud tribe.
    • Gala as Chilaun (young)
  • Liu Yuhua as Muqali, a former slave of Sacha Bieqi.
  • Menghe as Borokhula, a Taichiud adopted by Hoelun.
"Four Braves" (四勇)
  • Bao Hailong as Jelme
  • Xiaoba Te'er as Subutai, Zhelemie's younger brother.
  • Wu Chengsen as Qubilai
  • Qina Ritu as Jebe (Zhi'erhuo Adai), a former follower of Talihutai.
  • Xiao Xiaohua as Shikhikhutag, a Tatar adopted by Hoelun. He becomes the Premier of the Mongol Empire later.
  • Liu Baocheng as Quchu, one of Hoelun's adopted sons.
  • Qin Chuan as Huo'erchi, a former follower of Jamukha who becomes an adviser to Genghis Khan.
  • Ye Erjiang as Naya'a, a former follower of Talihutai who becomes a Kheshig commander.
  • Dao'er Qirenqin as Qihe Qiuhai, Jelme and Subutai's father.
  • Daniya as Zhenhai, a Uyghur merchant who becomes an adviser to Genghis Khan.
  • Bilige as Huduhe, a tribal chief who submits to Genghis Khan.
  • Liu Lina as Lady Ta'erhun, a female tribal chief who submits to Genghis Khan.
  • Alada'ertu as Duodai, a former slave who becomes a Mingghan commander.

Rival tribes[edit]

Jadaran tribe
  • Zhao Hengxuan as Jamukha, the chief of the Jadaran tribe. He was initially Temüjin's sworn brother, but becomes his arch-rival later.
  • Wulinhan as Daicha'er, Jamukha's younger brother.
Taichiud tribe
  • Wuri Jitu as Ambaghai Khan, a Mongol chieftain who was executed by the Jurchens in the prologue.
  • Huocha'er as Talihutai, a grandson of Ambaghai Khan and distant uncle of Temüjin. He is one of Temüjin's rivals.
  • Yiruohu as Lady Wo'erbo, Ambaghai Khan's wife.
  • Yang Guanghua as Tuoduo, a former aide to Yesügei. He defected to Talihutai after Yesügei's death.
  • Jiang Bula as Suo'erhan Shila, a slave of Talihutai. He is Chilaun and Heda'an's father.
  • Dawa Zhuoma as Heda'an, Chilaun's sister and Temüjin's romantic interest.
    • Muqi'er as Heda'an (young)
  • Zengge as Heda'an's husband
Yürki tribe
  • Wuri Xilatu as Sacha Bieqi, a descendant of Khabul Khan and distant cousin of Temüjin. He becomes one of Temüjin's rivals.
  • Yimin Tuoya as Lady Elizhen, Sacha Bieqi's mother.
  • Edeng Bate'er as Bulibokuo, a follower of Sacha Bieqi.
Merkit tribe
  • Bate'er as Tuohei Tuo'a, the chief of the Merkit tribe.
  • Hou Tao as Hudu, Tuohei Tuo'a's son.
  • Yang Haiquan as Chilie Ge'er, Tuohei Tuo'a's brother who was allegedly killed by Yesugei.
  • Danba as Dayi'er Wusun, a Merkit general whose daughter, Khulan, becomes Genghis Khan's concubine.
  • Nashun as He'atai, a Merkit general.
  • Biligetu as Toghrul Khan, the chief of the Keraites. He was initially Temüjin's ally but becomes his rival later.
  • Qu Baogang as Zhaheganbu, Toghrul Khan's brother.
  • Ma Liping as Sangkun, Toghrul Khan's son.
  • Li Yihua as Temüjin Wuge, the Tatar chief who was defeated and executed by Yesugei. Yesugei named his son "Temüjin" (Genghis Khan) after Temüjin Wuge.
    • Li Yihua also portrayed Zhalin Buhe, Temüjin Wuge's son and successor. He poisoned Yesugei to death.
  • Ala Tengwula as Miewuzhen Xiaolitu, a Tatar general.
  • Wang Bin as Yekechelian, a Tatar general whose daughters, Yesui and Yesugen, become Genghis Khan's concubines.
  • Maimaiti Xielifu as Tayang Khan, the chief of the Naimans.
  • Alafate as Kuchlug, Tayang Khan's son.
  • Guzilinu'er Kutibile as Lady Gu'erbiesu, Tayang Khan's concubine who becomes Genghis Khan's concubine after her husband's death.
  • Daniya as Sabulahei, a Naiman general.
  • Nijiati Aikebai'er as Tata-tonga, a Naiman scholar recruited by Genghis Khan to create a writing system for the Mongol language.

Jurchens, Khitans and Han Chinese[edit]

  • Wang Wenjie as Emperor Xizong, an emperor of the Jurchen-led Jin Empire who executed Ambaghai Khan in the prologue.
  • Li Kenai as Wanyan Yongji, an emperor of the Jin Empire. The Jin Empire came under attack by the Mongols during his reign.
  • Wulinhan as Hushahu, a Jin general who betrayed Wanyan Yongji and killed him.
  • Bate'er as Wanyan Jiujin, a Jin general.
  • Wang Yongquan as Zhang Xingxin, a Jin minister.
  • Liu Yimin as Wanyan Chenghui, the Jin prime minister.
  • She Wang as Tushan Yi, Wanyan Chenghui's predecessor as the Jin prime minister.
  • Bai Jiancai as Yelü Ahai, a Jin general of Khitan ethnicity who defects to the Mongols.
  • Wang Wensheng as Yelü Buhua, a Jin general of Khitan ethnicity who defects to the Mongols.
  • Tao Jixin as Ming'an, a Jin general who defects to the Mongols.
  • Liu Kui as Guo Baoyu, a Han Chinese scholar who becomes an important official of the Mongol Empire.
  • Shen Guanchu as Yelü Chucai, a Khitan scholar who becomes an important official of the Mongol Empire.
  • Song Guifu as Qiu Chuji, a reclusive Taoist rumoured to be an immortal.

Khwarezmid Empire[edit]

  • Walisi as Muhammad II, the Shah of the Khwarezmid Empire.
  • Abulimiti as Jalal ad-Din, Muhammad II's elder son.
  • Patamureyiqin as Muhammad II's mother
  • Aliyana as Wosilahei, Muhammad II's younger son.
  • Mulading as Hai'er Khan, a Khwarezmid general who triggered the war between the Mongols and the Khwarezmid Empire.
  • Yasen as Qieshili Khan, a Khwarezmid general.
  • Daniya as Tiemu'er Mieli, a Khwarezmid general.


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