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Genibo is a robotic dog produced by the Korean company Dasarobot of Dasatech.


The Genibo QD is an autonomous pet robot, similar in concept to Sony's 'ERS-7' Aibo, but was created to be much more dog-like in appearance and behavior.

Modeled to resemble a Bull Terrier, the Genibo QD can identify itself and the surroundings using its sensors, camera, and voice commands and share feelings with the user. With input information, it forms 'Emotion/Mood/Intelligence/Character/Intimacy' to feature unique character and AI.

The Genibo QD is capable of understanding over 100 voice commands (such as "sit", "come here" and "do a headstand") and has the ability to praise or scold the dog using the touch sensors located on its head, back and flank. The dogs mood will change according to user interaction and can express happiness, pleasure, sadness, surprise, anger, boredom and sleepiness.[1]

The Genibo QD comes with PC Control Manager software that allows you to see a live view of what the dog is seeing, take photos, create skits/dance routines, record voice memos, MP3 playback, and set alarms.[1]

Genibo was originally released as a prototype in 2006 and was made available to the public in 2008 for about $1500 USD. The newer 2009 Genibo QD robots come with English computer software and remote as well as the ability to understand English voice commands as where the previous models could only understand Korean.


Genibo shows off His headstand.
Genibo Headstand.
Technical specifications
CPU 32 bit RISC Proc
Battery 7.4V Li-ion, 2,200 mAh
Charger adapter 110 - 240V: 50 – 60 Hz (Universal Supply)
output at 9V, 2.5A
Camera 1.3M pixel, 1280 x 1024
Camera frame rate 15fps, Jpeg
Voice recognition 100 commands
Touch sensors

left and right flanks


real-time clock
tilt sensor
4 paw sensors
3 color LED eye displays (31 leds each eye)

Connectivity WLAN
Width 192 mm
Length 334 mm
Height 330 mm
Weight 1.6 kg (inc battery)

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