Genkaku Allergy

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Genkaku Allergy
Origin Kyoto, Japan
Years active 1992–1997, 2006
Associated acts
Past members Sceana

Genkaku Allergy (幻覚アレルギ-) was a Japanese visual kei[1] rock band started by ex-Kamaitachi members Sceana and Kazzy, in 1992. Its sound mixes elements from hardcore punk, heavy metal, noise and industrial music. They signed with Victor Entertainment in 1994. Genkaku Allergy disbanded in 1997, but in 2006 vocalist Sceana regrouped the band for one last show.

Band history[edit]

In 1992, following the end of Kamaitachi, Sceana and Kazzy started Genkaku Allergy. The same year their first EP, Mouth to Mouth, was released by Free-Will. This first work quickly climbed up the indie charts to the first position. In 1994 they achieved a deal with major label, Victor Entertainment. After their final album, D no Susume, Genkaku Allergy disbanded in early 1997. Nine years later, Sceana revived the group for one last concert on March 12, 2006, with Kazzy only playing support under the alias Kazii Sasuke.


Support members[edit]

  • Tetsuji "Tetsu" Yamada – guitar (ex:Bellzlleb)
  • Horie – drums 1996
  • Kimura – drums 1992–1995 (ex:Bellzlleb)


  • Mouth to Mouth (April 21, 1992)
  • Psyche:Delic (March 30, 1994), Oricon Albums Chart Peak Position: No. 25[2]
  • Japanese Thrash (December 16, 1994) No. 66[2]
  • D no Susume (「D」のススメ, February 21, 1996, Produced by Ken, ex:Zi:Kill) No. 56[2]