Genki Rockets II: No Border Between Us

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Genki Rockets II: No Border Between Us
Studio album by Genki Rockets
Released September 7, 2011
Genre Pop, electronica
Length 62:48 (CD) 22:50 (DVD)
Label Sony Music
Genki Rockets chronology
Genki Rockets I: Heavenly Star
Genki Rockets II: No Border Between Us
Genki Rockets II: -No border between us- Repackage

Genki Rockets II: No Border Between Us is the second full-length album from virtual band Genki Rockets. The album was released on September 7, 2011,[1] roughly 3 years and two months after their first eponymous debut Genki Rockets I: Heavenly Star. The album comprises around twenty tracks which remain in the same J-pop and electronica genre as the first album. To accompany the first single Make.Believe the band made a 3D video which has been shown in Expo's in Tokyo and Los Angeles. Followed by an other 3D video, published in June 2010: Curiosity. Instead the third music video Touch me was released with the CD in 2D. The cover art depicts fictional lead singer Lumi floating on an unknown planet while the earth revolves in the background.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Prologue: The Blue"   1:41
2. "Curiosity"   4:20
3. "Touch Me"   4:22
4. "Fluffy"   0:45
5. "Reaching for the Stars"   3:10
6. "Dreaming Across Stars"   2:36
7. "Make.Believe"   5:08
8. "Flow"   3:25
9. "Wonderland"   4:28
10. "Maker"   4:27
11. "Rebirth"   0:27
12. "Hikari no Tabi"   3:59
13. "Good Night"   1:56
14. "Touch Me (metalmouse + Mix)"   4:05
15. "Make.Believe (The_AIU Mix)"   5:02
16. "Curiosity (RAC Mix)"   4:40
17. "Touch Me (Dorian Mix)"   8:16
No. Title Length
1. "Make.Believe (Music Clip)"   5:10
2. "Curiosity (music Clip)"   4:20
3. "Heavenly Star 3D Dimensional Mix (Music Clip)"   4:37
4. "Star Line (GRHN) (Music Clip)"   4:21
5. "Touch Me (Music Clip)"   4:22


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