Genko Forest Belt

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The Forest belt of Genko
Nature sanctuary of Russia
Country Russia
Oblast Ulyanovsk
District Melekess District
Coordinates 53°56′40″N 49°52′40″E / 53.94444°N 49.87778°E / 53.94444; 49.87778Coordinates: 53°56′40″N 49°52′40″E / 53.94444°N 49.87778°E / 53.94444; 49.87778
Area 0.1261 km2 (0 sq mi)
Designated a Nature
 sanctuary of Russia
IUCN category II - National Park
Genko Forest Belt is located in Ulyanovsk Oblast
Genko Forest Belt
Location in Ulyanovsk Oblast

Genko's Forest Belt (Russian: Лесополоса Генко) - is a system of historic forest belts in Russia's Ulyanovsk Oblast. Planted over a century ago, it is now considered a "natural monument", and is legally protected as one of the protected areas of Ulyanovsk Oblast.


In 1886-1903, watershed protection forest belt planting was carried out in this area. The project was initiated by the well-known Russian forester, Nestor Karlovich Genko (1839-1904). The windbreak forest strips planted under his plan are still considered both to be beneficial for the local agriculture and to be of interest for researchers.

Current state[edit]

The plantings are in a good condition, and naturally regenerate. In some areas, they are already composed of the second generation of trees. The most common tree species occurring in the forest strips are: oak, maple, pine, birch, linden, elm.

The forest strips' total area is 1,261 hectares.

Construction work, agricultural activity, felling of trees (except for removal of dead trees, etc. for the forest maintenance purposes) are prohibited in the forest strip.


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