Gennadi Gerasimov

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Gennadi Gerasimov in 2001

Gennadi (or Gennady) Ivanovich Gerasimov (Russian, Геннадий Иванович Герасимов, 3 March 1930, Yelabuga – 14 September 2010, Moscow[1]) was the last Soviet, and then Russian ambassador to Portugal from 1990 to 1995. Previously he was foreign affairs spokesman for Mikhail Gorbachev and press secretary to Eduard Shevardnadze.[2] He is noted for coining the expression "Sinatra Doctrine" in reference to Gorbachev's non-intervention policy with respect to other members of the Warsaw Pact.[3] He was recognised as Communicator of the Year by the American Association of Governmental Communicators.[4]

He is mentioned in the Billy Bragg song "Moving the Goalposts".


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