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Genome Canada is a non-profit organization that aims to use genomics-based technologies to improve the lives of Canadians. It is funded by the Government of Canada. Genome Canada provides large-scale investments that develop new technologies, connect the public sector with private industry, and create solutions to problems of national interest, such as health, sustainable resources, the environment, and energy.

Genome Canada also funds research on the ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social aspects of genomics, which they call GE3LS (the same research direction is called ELSI or ELSA in the United States and in Europe, respectively). This includes topics such as genetic privacy and genetic discrimination, as well as public acceptance of genetically modified organisms. Genome Canada researchers generate policy briefs on these and other topics.

Currently, there are six regional genome centres in Canada that receive funding from Genome Canada:

Between 2000 and 2015, Genome Canada provided 1.1 billion dollars in genomics funding.[1]

The President and CEO of Genome Canada is Marc LePage. The current Chairman of the Board is Lorne Hepworth.


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