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SNCB logo.svg Railway Station
General information
LocationKoningin Maria Hendrikaplein, Ghent, Belgium
Coordinates51°02′07″N 3°42′35″E / 51.03528°N 3.70972°E / 51.03528; 3.70972Coordinates: 51°02′07″N 3°42′35″E / 51.03528°N 3.70972°E / 51.03528; 3.70972
Owned byNational Railway Company of Belgium
Line(s)50, 50A, 58, 59, 75
Bicycle facilities17.000 (under construction)
Other information
Station codeGSTP

Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station (Dutch: Station Gent-Sint-Pieters, French: Gare de Gand-Saint-Pierre) is the main railway station in Ghent, Belgium, and the fourth-busiest in Belgium and busiest in Flanders, with 17.65 million passengers a year.[1]


Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station with the glass canopy.

The origins of the railway station is a small station on the line Ghent-Ostend in 1881. At that time the main railway station of Ghent was the South railway station built in 1837. At the occasion of the 1913 world exhibition in Ghent, a new Sint-Pieters railway station was built. It was designed by architect Louis Cloquet and finished in 1912 just before the World Exhibition.

The station is built in an eclectic style with a long corridor dividing the building in its length which provides access to diverse facilities. A tunnel (designed by ir. P. Grondy) starting from the entrance hall provides access to the 12 platforms. This gives the station its cross-form design. The original waiting rooms for second and third class now serve as a buffet and restaurant.

The station was classified in 1995. In 1996 the station was renovated, with the renovation of the interior of the western wing completed in 1998.

The station was served by a daily Thalys high speed service to Paris between 1998 and 31 March 2015.[2]

Project Gent-Sint-Pieters[edit]

In 2004 the Project Gent-Sint-Pieters was announced as part of a bigger plan to renovate line 50A between Ghent and Bruges. The reconstructions were planned between 2007 and 2022 and included:

  • 12 new, wider and longer platforms with more escalators and a lift for better access
  • one big open hall below the platforms instead of the 3 current tunnels
  • a tram stop with direct access to the platforms
  • a new bus station in front of the railway station
  • The Virginie Lovelinggebouw, East Flanders' Flemish Administrative Center
  • Renovation of the Maria Hendrikaplein, the square in front of the station
  • Renovation of the main entrance building
  • A new bicycle parking
  • Valentin Vaerweyckweg (T4), a new trunk road connecting the station to the ringroad of Ghent (R4) and A10/E40

The work is necessary to make the station more accessible and to increase capacity as the number of passengers grows every year. This eventually will lead to the removal of several period features that are not part of the classified main building, like the platform canopies, waiting rooms, and the tunnel by P. Grondy.


In 2007, the tower at the entrance of the station has been renovated. In 2008 a new glass canopy was placed at the main entrance.

In 2010, the murals of the main entrance hall have been renovated. The Valentin Vaerweyckweg (T4) and the temporary tramtunnel were opened. And the first part of the new bus station was put into use. Fase 1 of the station itself (Platforms 8-12) started.

In 2012 the first part of a new underground bicycle parking station was opened, with 1.700 of the intended total of 10.000 parking spots.[3]

In 2014, the Virginie Lovelinggebouw was finished. In 2015, the first new platforms (11 and 12) were put into service.

In 2017, platforms 10, 9 and 8 were put into use though 8 wasn't finished yet. The project was running late and appeared to be more expensive than anticipated. It was put on hold and new options were investigated to cut costs.

In January 2020 the new project was announced. The main change was the roof over the platforms. Phase 2 (platforms 7-1) is planned from 2021 until 2026. Because of the restriction of Ghent's car traffic circulation in 2017, the amount of commuters using a bicycle grew. The plans were adjusted accordingly to build 17,000 bicycle parking spots in total.[4]

Train services[edit]

The station is served by the following services:

  • Intercity services (IC-01) Ostend - Bruges - Ghent - Brussels - Leuven - Liege - Eupen
  • Intercity services (IC-02) Ostend - Bruges - Ghent - Sint-Niklaas - Antwerpen
  • Intercity services (IC-03) Knokke/Blankenberge - Bruges - Ghent - Brussels - Leuven - Genk
  • Intercity services (IC-04) Lille/Poperinge - Kortrijk - Ghent - Sint-Niklaas - Antwerpen
  • Intercity services (IC-12) Kortrijk - Ghent - Brussels - Leuven - Liege - Welkenraedt (weekdays)
  • Intercity services (IC-12) Kortrijk - Ghent (weekends)
  • Intercity services (IC-20) Ghent - Aalst - Brussels - Hasselt - Tongeren (weekdays)
  • Intercity services (IC-20) Ghent - Aalst - Brussels - Dendermonde - Lokeren (weekends)
  • Intercity services (IC-23A) Bruges - Ghent - Brussels - Brussels Airport
  • Intercity services (IC-28) Ghent - Sint-Niklaas - Antwerp (weekdays)
  • Local services (L-02) Zeebrugge - Bruges - Ghent - Dendermonde - Mechelen (weekdays)
  • Local services (L-02) Zeebrugge - Bruges - Ghent (weekends)
  • Local services (L-05) Eeklo - Ghent - Oudenaarde - Ronse
  • Local services (L-05) Eeklo - Ghent - Oudenaarde - Kortrijk (weekdays)
  • Local services (L-25) Ghent - Zottegem - Geraardsbergen
  • Local services (L-28) Ghent - Dendermonde - Mechelen (weekends)
Preceding station   SNCB logo.svg National Railway Company of Belgium   Following station
toward Oostende
IC 01
toward Eupen
toward Oostende
IC 02
toward Blankenberge and Knokke
IC 03
toward Genk
toward Lille and Poperinge
IC 04
From Monday to Friday, except holidays
toward Kortrijk
IC 12
From Monday to Friday, except holidays
toward Welkenraedt
On weekends and holidays
toward Kortrijk
TerminusIC 20
From Monday to Friday, except holidays
toward Tongeren
On weekends and holidays
toward Lokeren
toward Brugge
IC 23A
TerminusIC 28
From Monday to Friday, except holidays
L 02
From Monday to Friday, except holidays
toward Mechelen
On weekends and holidays
From Monday to Friday, except holidays
toward Eeklo
L 05
From Monday to Friday, except holidays
toward Ronse and Kortrijk
On weekends and holidays
toward Ronse
TerminusL 25
TerminusL 28
toward Mechelen

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