Genta Ismajli

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Genta Ismajli
Birth name Gentiana Ismajli
Also known as Genta Ismajli, Genta
Born (1984-12-04) December 4, 1984 (age 32)
Gjilan, SFR Yugoslavia
Origin Gjilan, Kosovo
Genres Pop, R&B, dance
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, actress
Years active 2003 – present
Labels Bzzz Entertainment

Gentiana "Genta" Ismajli (born April 12, 1984 in Gjilan, Kosovo) is an Albanian Kosovar singer-songwriter and actress.


A few months after her birth, her parents decided to move to Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 19, she went back to Kosovo to sing a song called "Dridhem". The song became an instant hit, which ignited Genta's music career. She soon relocated to Kosovo with the intention of remaining for good, and has participated in several music competitions, both in Albania and Kosovo. She won Kënga Magjike in 2005 with the song "S'dua tjetër" composed by Adrian Hila, an Albanian composer. She got 292 points. Genta's first hit was "Kthehu". The music video was released in America and when she came to Kosovo she was already known. Gentiana continued her career in Kosovo for three more years. She had great success; she then went back to America to spend some time with her parents and came back to Kosovo with new projects in mind.

Ismajli sings mostly commercial pop songs, similar to other Balkan pop. Lascivious stage movements with challenging clothes are a part of her image. Genta is known for her energetic dance performances as well as catchy pop and hip hop rhythms. She participated in the first edition of Dancing with the Stars (Albania), where she ranked second overall.

She began singing in the English language, recording songs that were released in her then-upcoming 2008 album, her first all-English album. Many of these songs leaked onto the internet prior to the release of the album. The majority of the songs on the album were written by American songwriter Kara DioGuardi. In her interviews, Genta says she wants to be a famous singer, and in America she is working with known composers and songwriters.[1][2]

She released a half English, half Albanian album in 2011 entitled "Guximi". Her English songs included "One Shot", "Accident", "Something to Remember Me By", "Idolize Me", "Intoxicated", "Choose", and her debut English single, "Planet Me", written and produced by Kara DioGuardi



  • Mos më Shiko (2004)
  1. Pranoje
  2. Pse Nuk Vallëzoni?
  3. Unë të Dua
  4. Mos më Shiko
  5. Melodi Pa Fund
  6. S'mund ta Them
  7. Kthehu
  8. Fenomen
  9. Dridhem
  • Më e Fortë Jam Unë (2005)
  1. Unë Jam Fati Yt
  2. Për Ty Jam e Vdekur
  3. Zor Me Mu' e Keq Pa Mu'
  4. Pse të Dua Ty
  5. M'puq, M'puq
  6. S'do të Pres
  7. M'u Largo
  8. Gabova
  9. Luj Me Mu
  • Posesiv (2006)
  1. Një Lutje
  2. Posesiv
  3. Nuk Harrohet
  4. Hajde Bukuri
  5. Shko
  6. Largohu
  7. E Kam Shpirtin Eksplosiv
  8. Fjalë Me Bisht
  9. Lutem
  10. Me Hare
  • Zero Zero (2008)
  1. Një Her' në Vit
  2. S'dua t'jem e Tjetër Kujt
  3. Zero Zero
  4. E Pamundur
  5. Qeni që Leh
  6. Sa Ilaqe
  7. Relax
  8. Jan's Picikato
  • Guximi (2011)
  1. Guximi
  2. One Shot
  3. Hajde, Qka po Pret
  4. Pa Ty
  5. Pini Sonte
  6. Pse Ike?
  7. Mos u Ndal
  8. Accident
  9. Number One (Remix)
  10. Shkune Tune (Remix)
  • Guximi (Bonus Tracks Version) (2011)
  1. Guximi
  2. One Shot
  3. Hajde, Qka po Pret
  4. Pa Ty
  5. Pini Sonte
  6. Pse Ike?
  7. Mos u Ndal
  8. Accident
  9. Something to Remember Me By
  10. Idolize Me
  11. Choose
  12. Intoxicated
  13. Planet Me
  14. Something to Remember Me By (Remix)
  15. Number One (Remix)
  16. Shkune Tune (Remix)
  17. Outro

Compilation Albums[edit]

  • Dekada (2014)

Awards and Nominations[edit]

Kënga Magjike

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2005 "Nuk Dua Tjeter" First Prize Won
Internet Prize Won
2014 "Maje" Best Performer Won

Kult Awards

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2009 "Zero Zero" Best Album of the Year Nominated

Netet e Klipit Shqiptar

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2006 "Pse të dua ty" Best Video / First Prize Won

Poli Fest

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2006 "Me hare" Internet Prize Won
Public Prize Won
Second Prize Won

Video Fest Awards

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2005 "Pranoje" Best Female Nominated
Best Popular Video Nominated
2006 "Luj me mu" Best Popular Video Won
Best Production Nominated
2006 "Pse te du" Best Female Nominated
Best Camera Nominated
Best Director Nominated
2007 "Posesiv" Best Female Nominated
2008 "Sa llaqe" Best Pop Folk Video Won
2010 "Si panter I zi" Best Performance Nominated
2012 "Guximi (ft.Dalool)" Best Dance Nominated
RTV 21 PLUS Prize Won
2013 "Ole Ole(ft.Dj Blunt & Real 1)" Best Dance Nominated
2014 "Anuloje" Best Pop Folk Video Nominated

Zhurma Show Awards

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2008 "Një Herë Në Vit" Best Pop & Rock Video Won
Top 10 Vip Won
2009 "Si Panter I Zi" Best Pop Video Won
2010 "Shkune Tune" Best Video / First Prize Won
Best Pop Won
2011 ""Guximi (ft.Dalool)" Best Dance Won
Best Album Nominated
Best Song Nominated
2012 "Ole Ole (ft. DJ Blunt & Real 1)" Best Video / First Prize Nominated
Best Song Nominated
2013 "Si ty nuk ka" Best Pop Nominated
Best Video / First Prize Nominated
2014 "Anuloje" Best Female Nominated
Best Pop Nominated
2016 "Shake it (ft.Etnon)" Best Collaboration Won
Best Song Nominated


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