Gente bien

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Gente bien
Directed by Manuel Romero
Produced by Manuel Romero
Written by Manuel Romero
Starring Hugo del Carril
Tito Lusiardo
Delia Garcés
Music by Francisco Canaro
Juan d'Arienzo
Héctor Quesada
Tito Ribero
Alberto Soifer
Cinematography Antonio Solano
Edited by José Cardella
Distributed by EFA
Release date
June 28, 1939 (1939-06-28)
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Gente bien is a 1939 Argentine musical film directed by Manuel Romero. The tango film premiered in Buenos Aires on June 28, 1939 and the United States on October 8, 1939 and starred Hugo del Carril, Tito Lusiardo and Delia Garcés.

The score was composed by Francisco Canaro and Tito Ribero.



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