Genting Skyway

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Genting Skyway
Genting Highlands - Genting Skyway 0012.jpg
Cabin view from upper station.
Status Operational
System Gondola lift
Location Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
Termini Gohtong Jaya
Maxims Hotel
No. of stations 2
Open 21 February 1997[1]
Carrier capacity maximum of 8 adult passengers per cabin, more than 2,000 people per hour
Trip duration 15 min
Technical features
Aerial lift type Cable car
Line length 3,380 m (11,090 ft)
Operating speed 6 metres per second

Genting Skyway is a gondola lift connecting Gohtong Jaya and Resort Hotel in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. Its lower station at Gohtong Jaya township, located approximately 51 kilometres (32 mi) northeast of Kuala Lumpur, comprises a 5-storey station building and a 10-storey car park while its upper station is located at the Maxims Hotel

The monocable gondola lift was officially opened by the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir on 21 February 1997. Genting Skyway can carry more than 2,000 people per hour with 8 passengers per gondola. At the maximum speed of 6 metres per second (21.6 km/h), the 3.38-kilometre (2.10 mi) journey up the mountain peak takes approximately 15 minutes, depending on the weather. The system was designed by Leitner Ropeways.

The 2 x 640 kW power of the main drive and the 54 mm diameter solid cable wire is among the most powerful and strongest monocable gondola installation in the world. The system, equipped with high-tech electronic equipment, was built in accordance with stringent Swiss regulations and it has a double safety circuit completely independent.

The foundation used for the pylons is of the "Hang-dug Caisson" type. Each pylon is founded on four Caissons measuring 1.2 metres in diameter, which are socketed down to bedrock. The average depth of the Caissons is about 40 m (135 feet) and each group of four Caissons piles can take a vertical load of 4,000 tonnes against the maximum vertical load of 150 tonnes from the cable car system. The Caissons method is about the safest and strongest foundation in existence, designed specifically for hilly terrain. Each pylon is accessible via rescue tracks on the ground, whilst each gondola is equipped with radio communication equipment from the stations.

For safety reasons, Genting Skyway undergoes periodic maintenance. During the maintenance closure, visitors to Resorts World Genting can opt for Awana Skyway, which was built prior to Genting Skyway.


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Coordinates: 3°24′30″N 101°45′53″E / 3.40833°N 101.76472°E / 3.40833; 101.76472