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A Gentlemen's Race [1] is a type of unsanctioned, unmarshalled road ride established in the Pacific Northwest, USA in 2008. Inspired by the sort of riding of the Rapha Continental [2] project, with a notion of Classic cycle races, a penchant for gravel and an appreciation of the small communities, people and places in outlying areas, the Gentlemen's Race was meant to push the boundaries typical of Bicycle racing.

Taking cues from the famous running relay race Hood-to-Coast,[3] where teams of 12 runners work together to race 187-miles from Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean, the Gentlemen's Race was first run around the northern base of Mt. Hood back to Portland [1] with two checkpoints along the way to ensure fair play and safety.

Using a proprietary ranking and handicap system, teams of six riders depart with those estimated to be slowest first and the fastest departing last. Part Team time trial, part Alleycat races, part Cannonball Run, the teams must work and stay together the entire race. That factor above anything else is a great leveler for the race.[4]


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