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Gentofte Hospital
The Capital Region (Denmark)
Region hovedstaden coa.jpg
Gentofte Hospital.jpg
Location Gentofte, Capital Region, Denmark
Coordinates 55°44′21″N 12°32′47″E / 55.73917°N 12.54639°E / 55.73917; 12.54639Coordinates: 55°44′21″N 12°32′47″E / 55.73917°N 12.54639°E / 55.73917; 12.54639
Hospital type Teaching , General
Affiliated university University of Copenhagen
Emergency department Yes
Helipad No

Gentofte Hospital (Copenhagen University Hospital Gentofte) is located in Gentofte within Copenhagen in Denmark. Administratively, it is part of the hospital service of Region Hovedstaden. The hospital primarily serves the municipalities of Gentofte, Lyngby-Taarbæk, and Rudersdal, with a population of about 175,000.[1] The hospital was opened in 1927.[2] As one of the university hospitals for Copenhagen University (the hospital is also a teaching hospital for medical students from Copenhagen University), Gentofte Hospital has extensive research (publication lists) and training facilities. Two large medical departments cover gastroenterology, endocrinology, rheumatology, geriatric medicine and stroke rehabilitation. The hospital also houses dedicated cardiology and pulmonary medicine departments, an ENT department with the largest audiology department in Denmark and a dermatology and allergy unit. The hospital also hosts the regional department for innovations in elective surgery.

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