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Cover of Genus #50. Art by Terrie Smith.
Publication information
Publisher Antarctic Press
Radio Comix
Format Ongoing series
Publication date (Antarctic Press)
June 1993–January 1997
(Radio Comix)
April 1997–present
No. of issues (Antarctic Press)
(Radio Comix)

Genus is a furry erotic comic book originally published by Antarctic Press[1] and continued by Radio Comix under its "Sin Factory" imprint. Issues contain sexually explicit stories and pin-up illustrations by various artists, featuring anthropomorphic animals (no human characters are included), and are labeled for sale to adults only. The series began in June 1993,[1] with 94 issues published as of April 2012.[2] Originally published in stapled format, recent issues are square bound with higher page counts. Diamond Comic Distributors' catalog describes it as "The longest-running erotic comic anthology".[3]

Genus Male[edit]

Cover of Genus Male #2. Art by Daria McGrain.

Genus Male is a related publication, intended for gay male readers, featuring male characters. It has been published annually by Radio Comix since 2002. Issues have contained work by Daria McGrain, John Barrett, Miu, and others.


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