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Geo-content is an abbreviation of geographic content. Geo-content is information that is valuable to a specific audience based on their location, and is generated by integrating data stored in a Geographic Information System (GIS) database with data stored in a non-spatial database.

Often groups that share information and collaborate on projects (departments within local government entities, for example) maintain related information within separate software systems. This can create a silo effect, making communication difficult. The emergence of GIS technology has given such groups a new way to view and organize data that is related to a physical location in reference to the Earth. Geo-content connects this physical location information to other related data.

Companies like Kitewalk specialize in geo-content enablement by providing communication and marketing mobile solutions which bring the joy to discover contents around. Kitewalk portfolio includes apps, web portals and 2-way APIs that provide both integration with existing solutions and geo-content big-data capabilities.

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